Update 1

An update on what I've been doing with the forums for the last couple of weeks.

30 November 2017 by Garry Newman (17 Comments)

You can now mention someone in a post. So if you're talking about something, or someone, and want to let them know about the conversation just add @ and start typing their name. They'll get an alert to let them know.

So a big change from the old days of Facepunch. You can now upload files, images and videos by dragging and dropping onto the new post, or pressing the upload button.

Upload limit is 128mb and there's no limit on file types. Here's an example with some stuff.

I think 10 years ago it made sense to not allow uploads, to make people upload elsewhere and then hotlink. And while there are issues to allowing this (dealing with piracy, porn, viruses, costs), I believe that it's just that benefitial to the users of the forum that it overrides the pain points all of the other problems.

All the files uploaded are logged and associated with users, and we can obviously take them down whenever there's a problem. The plan right now is to allow everything to be uploaded, then deal with problems as they come.

Since I'd moved over thr Rust and Garry's Mod forum, we had a problem that people had bookmarked threads, or were googling threads and were just getting redirected to the new forum link. This was a bit of an oversight on my part and should have been given more thought than it got.

I did some hacking and now old links to threads or posts that have been moved should link to the moved thread or post.

Finding and fixing things like this is why we're moving the forum over section by section rather than in one big move.

You can subscribe to a forum. It'll give you an alert when someone makes a new thread.

When posting a new thread you can mark it as solvable

You'll then be able to accept one of the posts as the answer.

Unlike the legacy system this won't close the thread. My feeling is that a problem being solved is enough to make the thread stop getting posted in - unless it's important - in which case people finding the thread in the future should know why.

Solvable threads can also have bounties.

Once you post a thread with a bounty you'll immediately lose the coins, and they'll be held in the thread.

The thread will show the bounty next to the title.

And once you accept a post the bounty will be given to that poster.

When searching a particular forum/thread/user and then searching for something else, it'd do a global search. I've made it act more like you'd expect, and keep those filters.

The filters are now shown below the search box too, with an easy clear link.

The date facets were huge too, I've limited them to show the top 10, and ordered by count.

The first post in a thread can contain 8x more content than the replies.

OP's also get more formatting options.

Allowing them to create headings and play with text alignment.

When you view a post all the alerts associated with that post will also be marked read.

This means that alerts are more likely to be unseen, new stuff, instead of a bunch of stuff you've already worked through.

I hadn't implemented all the ban rules, so banned people could post. Now they can't.

Forums have access rules now. This meant I could bring back the moderator forum and the gold member forum, since I could restrict access.

I opted to make the forum permissions as simple as possible using a tag system. This is versatile as fuck, cachable as fuck, and simple as fuck.

Unedtiable quoted post are still a sore point for some people. This week I made them slightly less annoying by having them link to the post, hide spoilers, show embeds as hotlinks and show mentioned users.

I blew through a column of tasks already, so I've updated the roadmap. As always, these are just all guesses of when stuff might happen.

I'm trying to balance the tasks between fun things, and boring shit that needs to get done, so I don't get too bored with it all.