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Yo. I need a free video editing software for doing some tutorials for my company, so best is FOSS software. So far I have landed on OpenShot Videobearbeitungssoftware | Freie, offene und preisgekr.. But if anyone has a better recommendation, I would be thankful! I need to arrange audio, video scenes, basic cutting and maybe some annotations
Shotcut has its rough edges and quirks, but it's okay. It's cross-platform FOSS so the UI is not going to beat the Adobe Premiers and Vegases but it's a perfectly workable editor for basic timeline editing. There's only one significant catch: GPU acceleration is considered an "experimental" feature and in the latest version they hid it behind an INI edit to make it firmly hidden since it is experimental and slightly unstable. And if GPU acceleration is enabled you can't put simple text on the screen. At all. The two features are mutually incompatible. It's dumb, and it means captioning is not happening unless you do a janky workaround like HTML Text (ugh) or literally writing all your captions into a paint program, exporting the text on transparent backgrounds, and inserting them as image overlays. It isn't perfectly stable and has crashed on me a few times, but crash recovery has always gotten the project right back up where I left it when I reopened the program.
I used VSDC before, which is free although I don't think it's open source.
DaVinci Resolve 15 – Edit | Blackmagic Design There is a free version.
Kdenlive | Libre Video Editor that will get you where you need to be, but all of the previous ones are fully capable too. don't forget blender has a video editor built in, i don't know the state of it as of now but it's surprisingly capable from what i've heard.
Lightworks let's you edit and use all of its main features for free, but to export higher than 720p you have to pay for a license. I use it on Linux and I've had no problems so far. If resolution isn't a problem then I think this will work well.
Davinci is great software, although not the most intuitive to learn.
thanks to yall
my guess would be that like everything else in blender the video editor is extremely capable, but also almost impossible to use unless you've never used any other video editing software in your life
i've heard problems about exporting files to certain formats and the fact that it's hidden under a whole set of 3D tools, making it virtually unknown. i think it's supposed to be relatively intuitive though, which is funny considering how unfriendly blender is to most newcomers lol.
the new blender 2.8 is going to change it all, has a better more friendly UI and is actually great to use now, and I hated using blender before.
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