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30 April 2018
Garry Newman
Fixed styles bullshit
28 April 2018
Garry Newman
Fixed timing out and other shit
Jobs cleanup
Analytics page cleanup Package updates, job fixes
27 April 2018
Garry Newman
Nope Don't delete from app_data Breaky Break
Test compile jobs to folder
Deploy to staging Hide users that have left the company
Blog Version
NRE fix Other fixes
Updated Styles Latest Data Forum link fix Fixed rating dropdown Better blog meta tags Better thread meta cards
6 April 2018
Garry Newman
Design Tweaks, show view count by hovering post count Hide banned user profile text, avatar
5 April 2018
Garry Newman
Hide subforums threads that we don't have permission to see Profile editing fix proper Subforums ordered by trending If root forum isn't a category, redirect Update parent forums LastPost when posting Fixed old thread links broken when moving forums
Fixed profiles being editable by anyone Link to search from user profile
Production Hide subforums on sidebar for now
4 April 2018
Garry Newman
Show subforum's threads in parent forum
Fixed "no alerts" padding Alert when your thread is moved Alert when thread closed/opened
Fixed reply box padding being different to actual post Fixed nre in rating.vue
3 April 2018
Garry Newman
Link to moderator panel from user profile User Moderator shows ban history User Unbanning
2 April 2018
Garry Newman
Update Views User Profile editing
Viewer count on forums Added thread view count
User Meta basics
Fixed 404's not working Context fix