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Do you like having the same stupid arguments over and over about whether Resharper is needed? Have you got strong opinions on spacing and curly brackets? Are you an actually good programmer too? Have you mastrubated at your computer with github open on one of your monitors? Have you worked on games? Do you think you can help us be awesome? Apply Now. jobme@facepunch.com When applying, less text, more pictures and videos. If you don't get a reply it might be because we're not interested right now. We won't give feedback, try again in 6 months.
do you have to relocate to walsall asking for a friend (not)
I'd guess no, looking at their currently hired people. Not everyone is working from walsall.
A lot of people work remotely too
Could you perhaps elaborate on the company ifself, like what makes facepunch a better employer than any other? Any benefits, vacations etc..?
Jobs dunno why hezzy ain't linking this
Yeah I found that, but it doesn't appear to even try to put out a positive image for the company. It's just a page with dumb jokes and honestly it doesn't look like a company I would work for. I imagine Facepunch wants "the best", but with these listings you'll most likely just get fans of the company.
pretty sure the benefit is you work on whatever you want, whenever you want, making video games - you're not working for some garbage AAA developer where you'll be forced to crunch constantly on some boring old shitty AAA game.
I agree, I mean if somebody applies, instead of ghosting them and saying nothing you should atleast give the respect and reply back saying "Sorry we're not interested right now". Simple. Instead of making the applicant wonder what the hell is going on. I wonder if that's indicative of a company culture of bad communication.
as an employer, if you don't reply back you're a dick, end of story. even an email that just says 'no' is better than silence.
You dont even need to have a human actually reply back. You could remove the job posting or even set auto reply "not interested" email. There's solutions out there so you dont spend man hours replying to hundreds of applicants.
Well this is the least inviting job invitation I've ever seen.
Sent an application over to you guys, not sure if it'll cut it but it's worth a shot and there's nothing to lose.
Hi, I've been emailing you lads twice a year since 2014. I just moved into my apartment and I don't have my PC set up yet to write a proper email, so I forwarded the same email from earlier this year. I may send a fresh email at the beginning of 2019, thanks.
I've not seen your emails but pictures and videos are a lot better than text
Hi @Hezzy , is a link to a website with pictures and videos okay or do you you prefer everything embedded into one mail?
My internet is getting set up today, soon as I get on my PC I'll put together a proper email. Turns out half the video links are missing in the email I forwarded yesterday.
What sort of salary does Facepunch pay?
Only in facepunch: Don't send us CV, send us pic of your dick to get hired.
I don't even know what kind of programmers they're looking for based on this post, what languages and such.
If you know what ReSharper is, then you can get somewhat of a clue. "We don't hire through agents. We don't want unpaid workers. We don't do internships or work experience. We love C#, C++ programmers. We love Unity and Unreal. We love talented artists. We love people who know what they're doing. We want to make console games as well as PC games. We love being told we're doing something stupid."
I might try it for the hell of it. Not expecting anything though.
Is this my chance to escape ASPX full stack hell? I don't even remember my computer Science degree anymore please hire me.
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