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Not gonna lie those are some awesome potential logos, but the bottom one kinda creeps me out. It's giving off this 'All Seeing Eye' vibe... Or maybe it just reminds me of Mike Wazowski
I like the wadded up paper ball.
hello, just got back from my weekend break at the beach
Top left looks like the logo of a Fascist regime
Hurry, we must construct an Ark to survive the end-times.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/188/f0bf2ef2-b750-424a-ae1a-8794db842581/Artboard 1.jpg sharp corners are en vogue
Isn't not punch is technically a slap?
the fuck. when is this photo from? there's war_man333 in there, that's my old username, I didn't have that for months.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/182497/e4711287-3b5e-4561-abf5-035a28719720/Screenshot from 2018-10-15 20-33-57.png I'm also kinda bored. Let's give this a shot
Exactly. I've been using xenforo for years now and it's wonderful. I even got a theme that looks just like FP in the works out of boredom. Agreed on the software. Disagree on the hosting cost, depending on how much "shouldn't cost much" means to you.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/182497/9316d9b2-eea4-41ee-aed4-d1e28b83ba23/Screenshot from 2018-10-15 22-06-11.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/182497/a37e06a9-72f2-4f9c-b905-cd558cf15889/Screenshot from 2018-10-15 22-06-20.png It's so cute <3
https://streamable.com/aj0pi spent a few minutes adding user signup and login. absolutely INCREDIBLE! this changes everything you can now: sign up log in create a thread post in that thread self driving cars and parkouring robots stand aside, this is this century's biggest breakthrough
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/182497/1f488a8a-1d2d-421a-aee5-5a69baf71c30/Kazam_screencast_00001.webm Now including outdated memes
benbb and ignacio should work together and make the best Notpunch we've never seen. I'm loving the aesthetic of benbb's iteration, and am rather impressed with how much functionality he got done already. At the same time, I'd love to see ignacio's efforts be put to work, too. I feel like having you two work together would be a better solution for everyone.
I think this whole thing is really cool actually. Neat to watch it take shape.
Is this a race now?
thanks! i'm trying not to work too much on it, actually, because the last thing i should do on vacation is do the same thing i do every day, but i'm having a ton of fun working on it, especially because i'm mostly a front-end guy!
Please lord let the font be good for blokes who don't use cleartype.
OpenSans it is then.
oh my god if you left in a mode that i could browse the notpunch forums in Web 1.0 style, i would ship massive containers full of cash to your front door because that looks baller as fuck
<?php $password = $_GET["password"]); echo md5($password); INSERT INTO facepunk (password) VALUES ($_GET["password"]); If you need a SECURE back end I have you covered. Only the best.
That'd be really hot.
i have PLANS but i really dont want to get carried away by feature creep at this stage also im working on it today please look forward to that
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