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https://bitbucket.org/nashipunch/nashipunch-api/src/master/ created a readme to help set up the API project. will do the same for the front-end soon
I have made a central db available for testing purposes. This way we can have a nice central data-set that can be used to test a production scenario and will help reproducing issues. To use the db set your .env file to production. I will be making back-ups so if it somehow gets destroyed, @ me here or on discord and I'll restore the backup.
i pushed my thread creation stuff, it's there now
we now have subforums :toot:
Are names still debated? facebunch.com is available
sure, but at this point i must confess that i'm not paying it much mind, i'm just focused on getting it to work first
When we finally get to the stage of officially naming the forum I think we should let the community vote between some available options. I was thinking about headslap.com myself. Personally I would like to use a lot of community input when developing this project. I hope we will never see a divide between the community and management of this forum like we're used to here on facepunch. I have a couple of ideas on how to approach this, but that's all they are right now, ideas, not promises. Doing a/b testing of different features and different feature designs, allowing the community to vote on definitively implementing case a or case b. When there's a significant amount of users requesting something, if the request is realistic I would like to have another poll to definitively decide if the feature is desired. Having a direct communication channel between the forum management/developers and the community to discuss ideas and issues.
that's my plan, as well. i really enjoy having things open, clear and direct. asking the people who will use something about what they'd like is ideal
made our trello public so you can check it out: Trello https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326417/7380cbfb-0987-44dc-8967-1475eae63e71/image.png these are our next tasks
Nice. I have added some procedures for developers and testers. It has been added to the readme of the git repository. The procedures I have added are: # Development procedure 1. When creating a task on trello, it should be estimated to be done in a maximum time of 24 hours. 2. When you have any technical questions, go to the Favela Lounge Discord. 3. When there is a disagreement about non-technical design elements, create a poll so the community can decide what option would be best. # Feedback procedure 1. Comments, suggestions, additions and criticism* should be posted on the NotPunch thread in the developers category on facepunch, or in the Favela Lounge Discord. 2. Comments, suggestions, additions and criticism* are always welcome. thanks for your help! 3. Do not use the trello board for any comments, suggestions criticism. We think your feedback is useful and we will look into any issues, suggestions, or criticism you give. We will create a work-item based on your report when we have decided what to do with it. 4. If you ever think that we are making decisions that are not in sync with the expectations of the community, please create a poll so we can see if our decision is wrong. We will adapt the forum when the community desires it. *Unless that criticism is about this project being made with javascript
Just want to thank you for doing this and say that we should start getting the word out as soon as garry gives us his notice.
Garry doesn't give notice, he just does.
Yeah true but I think with the amount of posts begging for one and the fact that I doubt hezzy would let us go without one I think we will get a simple sentence or something.
Garry literally changed over to Newpunch the exact same day one of the mods said that Newpunch was months away. Garry isn't going to give much of a warning. Him giving 24 hours notice would be exceptionally nice.
Fair enough, so how do we get the word out now? I dont wanna spam threads that arent even related.
@Inacio how similar to facepunch will this be?.. will you be integrating a coin system?? ... I find it a really good incentive
But in this blog post he literally says he's not just going to switch them off overnight, and his other idea of letting the community work on it is great, so let's hope he at least tries that out first
He could just make it open source (to a degree), and when someone puts up a bit of code that he actually likes, he could implement it site wide with full credit to whoever did it. There's 90% of the work solved for him.
very similar; about optional features like coins, there are quite a few i'd like to implement, but i'm not even going to think about it until we have the forums fucntioning
Great to hear!!! & fair enough ... bare bone structure integrity is most definitely paramount!!!!
If Notpunch has a videos sub then I'll be sure to join instantly.
And we can freely express how misguided Garry is.
I think the real question is, will Notpunch have a smartness system, and an autoban system that pulls the trigger for sniggering?
and maybe mods who can take critisism
It'll import all your previous Facepunch posts and retroactively autoban you for this very post
if i post a video of me getting assaulted with racial slurs for 12 hours can i have mod on notpunch pls
you just got banned for this post
Would be cool to have subforum specific behavior, e.g. smartness enabled in gd but not ft
why did this die
it's not dead
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