• [UE4 Blueprints] How do I make a mesh move to a random XY coordinate?
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So to start of with I'm pretty new to UE4, but want to learn it because it seems like a lot of fun can be had as soon as I get over the learning curve for the basics. I've been looking around on the web for tutorials regarding what I'm trying to do, and perhaps I'm just really bad at searching, but so far I've found relatively little actually helpful, with the main problem being people only really explaining and going through the AI blackboard and behavior tree parts, while the assets that are supposed to move have already been pre-configured. I've mucked about in Blender and created some sort of monstrosity, namely whatever this is: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109940/dc3657d3-1f54-4846-93ee-2d98e6609d5b/VanThing.png How would I make this thing be able to slide around, moving from random location to random location?
If the object is a character or a pawn, you can just use the "simple move to" node to make it navigate its way there, as long as there's a navigation mesh present in the level. For the random part, just generate 3 random floats within whatever range (like the Z value will probably just be 0 unless you have some kind of elevation differences in your level), combine those 3 into a vector and that's your target location.
Played around with it and came to this solution: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109940/a042f236-19f3-4acd-ac25-2445576c238e/VAN_BP.png makes it float around randomly for all eternity. Next I want to give it actual physical properties, and rely on a more complex collision model than the default capsule, any ideas on how that's accomplished? I know how to do it for models that are meant to be static, but it seems to be a bit different for characters
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