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Hey guys, looking to upgrade my pc, which I had since 2012. I want to change the GPU, the monitor, the case and add more storage. Any tips? Preferably to play newer games such as NieR, Far Cry 5 and FF15 at maybe 60 fps
So I'm looking to upgrade my current pc. I recently got a 1920x1080@144hz monitor so I'd like to take advantage of the higher refresh rate. im still on the fence about upgrading to windows 10. budget is ~$1500 Anything glaringly wrong with this? Is my powersupply big enough? I have no idea what motherboard to get, i just looked at reddit/pcpartpicker and that one seemed to be popular, but its a bit ugle and i dont really care about RGB, maybe another one would be cheaper?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237741/2478cf37-878d-47f8-8158-38dce073e49e/new.PNG i sold my motherboard/ram/cpu earlier so i hope it turns up on the 19th
2600x achieves the high clocks of a 2700x, so if you don't need the higher parallel performance, that's perfectly fine. 2600x should do great. I'm on a 1700 at 3.8 and a x370 prime. Very tempted to put a 2700x in my system.
Looking to upgrade and the new Ryzens are definitely giving me lots to think about. Struggling to pull the trigger... I'm impatiently waiting for the release in a few days and some solid reviews and benchmarks.
I've been wanting to upgrade my pc for a while, i need to put to rest this old ass 660 gtx. What bothers me are the GPU's prices. I wanted to get a 1080 but NVIDIA recently released the 1070ti. I know both are close in performance, and that the 1070ti OC is a beast but i don't really like OC my gpus that much. What i am asking is, should i wait for 1080 prices to drop or just get 1070ti, since the price difference is not so close here.
Currently using a Samsung 830 256gb SSD as my main drive, wanna up it a bit. Thinking of getting an Intel 600P as my main drive with a Crucial MX500 as a secondary SSD. Yes or no?
I don't believe 600P's are all that special. Maybe look at the newer WD black m.2's. Pretty competitive to a 960 Evo while being cheaper. Pretty similar to 600P price.
out of curiosity https://i.imgur.com/VN1gAko.png is this good or should a R5 1400+1050 Ti be better?
Price alert for UK people, OCUK has some 1070Ti available for at or below MSRP: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1070ti-gaming-8192mb-gddr5-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-19m-gi.html https://www.overclockers.co.uk/palit-geforce-gtx-1070ti-twin-x2-8192mb-gddr5-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-044-pl.html
https://helifreak.club/image/20180419214655276.png Great forum.
I've just recently aquired two used 6TB WD Black HDD's. My PC case is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-Carbide-Mid-Tower-Performance-Computer/dp/B017XPP9KK Which comes with a removable HDD cage which you can screw into the base that holds 2 HDDs. I took the cage out a while ago because it was in the way and I must have lost the trays that the HDD's go on then slide into the cage. Tray: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Carbide-400Q-C-HDD-Drive-Tray/p/CC-8930376 Cage: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Carbide-400Q-C-HDD-Drive-Cage/p/CC-8930375 The tray's are out of stock, I emailed Corsair to see if I could get replacements but they said that I could only get them from their website when they come back into stock. I bought two of these: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Replacement-hard-drive-tray-%281-unit%29/p/CC-8930040 Because my logic is that HDDs are generally the same default size and the tray must fit all common HDDs so I thought it would just fit as all the measurements would be the same. The HDDs fit the trays but the trays are too long compared to the ones for the case so my dust cover won't fit on properly unless I put the trays in upside down which would mean the HDDs are upside down. Is there any problem with putting HDDs upside down whilst they are in use? Or does anyone know of a place I could buy the correct trays from?
Sounds like a car mechanic is the perfect job for you :V
I would go with the 1300x and the 1060. The higher clockspeed of the 1300x will benefit games more than multithreading.
i got a corsair MP500 for £50, its only 120gb but thats enough for windows and a few average sized games, it seems to be one of the cheapest low capacity drives available but also one of the best performing
I haven't been paying attention to the prices lately. Are GPU prices finally falling?
can you disable this screen on boot https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237741/cd32f312-a958-4544-8c92-e280d2c95d00/IMG_20180420_172627_HHT.jpg
Wipe off ur dusty stuff nerd
Here it is boys, a semi-well priced RX 580 Asus DUAL RX580 O4G Radeon RX 580 Graphic Card 1.36 GHz Core 1.3..
Watch as hundreds of thousands of GPU's are released from the mines at 1/4th msrp in the coming months.
Buy loads of OEM GPU coolers to sell at a higher price as they will need to be replaced.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/657/36212932-45fc-4be9-9c3e-676486202e4d/image.png I can't believe we live in a time where black RGB Noctuas exist.
Hello everyone, so I've decided to upgrade my PC over purchasing a console after some discussion. Right now, these are my current PC specs. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1893/73c633c3-2671-409f-af4b-c1447dc8c034/V2LDDGY.png Don't plan on 4K, so I'd be looking for best specs for 1080p and I'm trying to keep the upgrade under (preferably) or a little above (if necessary) $700. Preferably would be looking to play modern games/new releases on high+ settings at 60+ FPS. Oh and especially Fortnite because I've been itching to try this game with a keyboard/mouse. I haven't done much with this computer since 2015ish so those requests could be impossible, but I'm flexible as long as its within my budget. I was recommended two different routes of upgrade: There was this one, which is centered around Intel parts and this one, which is centered around AMD. I came here to ask for some more insight on those two builds and which would be the better buy or if, dare I say, someone could point me in an even better direction than either of those? Thank you guys in advance.
That looks gorgeous to be honest.
I don't generally like RGB but damn that looks fine.
just thought I should post an update: went with the R5 2600 and an Asus Prime B350-Plus, super happy with it
Random upgrading question: I'm running a single RX570 4GB and am wanting a bit more punch so I can run esports stuff at consistent 100+ fps on a 144Hz monitor Should I get a second, identical RX570 and crossfire them? Or should I replace with a single GTX 1070? The included PSU in this unit is stupid OP so power draw is no concern, and thermals will be fine either way due to my case.
As someone who's owned multiple Crossfire setups and a 5970 X2, go with the 1070. Dual GPU solutions don't work most of the time, never give the performance you expect, and use way more power than just a better card.
My main concern with the 1070 is that I'll be limited to strictly G-sync for dynamic refresh rate, which both sharply reduces my monitor options and increases their prices compared to Freesync. I don't have a bias towards one or the other, mind you, I just want to optimize my costs here. If Vega 56 ever drops in price I might go with that just to keep Freesync and better compute performance, unless you think that'd be a mistake.
I'm in the same boat as you there. I'd love a g-sync monitor but they cost way too much and don't come in the size or resolution I want. FreeSync is a standard and rumor has it you can enable FreeSync on Nvidia with a minor custom resolution hack. I imagine official support may have to come in the distant future given that Xbox supports it now.
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