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Xbox is an AMD chip though. Nvidia could have implemented freesync right when it came out but they never will because it competes with their own hardware based implementation that's making them money.
Yes, but at the same time there's going to be more FreeSync supported monitors than G-Sync by a huge margin, more devices supporting it, and already people are choosing red or green based solely on freesync support.
Until Nvidia has to worry about being actually buying more AMD cards than Nvidia, expect Gsync to not change. Nvidia still holds more power here. AMD may be in both consoles but that market isn't clearly a Variable Refresh customer base or not. Small portion even know what is is.
I mean, heck, I'd rather pay more for Vega 56 to keep Freesync than get locked into an expensive proprietary standard. Especially considering that proprietary standard limits my upgrade options for other components in the future.
I'm going to stab something. I just want my upgraded PC to work but it just wants to crash the fucking videocard no matter what. It's not the new RAM sticks or DIMMS because I've tested that 5 ways to Sunday. The Hard drives don't have bad sectors, those were checked. CPU would've fuckin' killed me by now with all this testing and outside of playing games, the computer runs fine. Its as soon as I start playing games and the worst part is that its not even consistent, I was playing Cities Skylines for 10 hours yesterday, no problems. No issues. I was having a fun ol' time. I come home today from work? I want to play some DoW2; go take a crap while it loads. Computer refuses to respond. Fuck, alright, I go and turn it back on after shutting it down. Everything comes back to normal, launch it again? Black screen, ear-rape static in my ears and a static image before the card 'recovers'. And its done this for two cards. Maybe its the PSU? . I can't have two different video cards showing the exactly same symptoms. I'm just so confused and I really want to avoid RMA any specific part until I know for a fact whats wrong because I've already gone overbudget with the videocard because I originally thought it was the videocard failing. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600(Stock) 16 GB 3000Mhz DDR4(Corsair Vengeance) 2 TB SATA HDD(Western Digitial) <--In Previous Comp 500 Gig HDD Boot(Unknown Brand) <--In Previous Comp RX 580 8GB (MSI Armor OC, but with its Stock clocks) I have the latest drivers and already cleared my own. Corsair CX-M 850Watt 80Plus Brozne <--In Previous Comp The hardware in the previous computer never did anything like this. I am so confused. On the plus side I got replacement plans for all the big money items such as the Mobo/CPU/Videocard. Downside is that I'd be out of a computer. Also to make the behavior more consince: Any time I attempt to use a game two things will happen: Either A. It works Fine B. Loads up, will work for a short time and then freeze the entire computer before crashing the monitor but the PC itself will respond to actions. Event Logs will say that its the AMD card recovering, some games will crash(such as C:S or any unity game for that matter) where as games like TF2 will actually just go back to working after a moment. Now, the one thing I do want to ask is that if an HDMI cable is maybe starting to break, would it cause this behavior? Because I reseated the connection points on both sides for the HDMI port and the aforementioned day of zero issues happened. I'm asking because my cat likes to use my PC as a launch vector to get to the window so I'm wondering if she's knocking cables just loose enough.
Instead of latest drivers, have you tried older ones?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/657/6efb1767-12db-456f-8e7e-6f9908463328/image.png Settled on an all-blue color-scheme and 3d printed a 140mm fan bracket for my case for VRMs & RAM/Intake.
Does this sound decent or nah?
Are we still allowed to complain about RAM prices? Even DDR3 to upgrade my poor PC is so insane.
Are there any good, kinda understated midtower cases out there that don't have a clear side panel? My current tower is to my lower left, due to the way my desk is arranged, so a showroom window is kind of a waste.
So hey, planning a big upgrade eventually, hot stuff like the M.2 based SSDs, Windows 10, i7 8700K, and all of that will be great in due time, but the most MAJOR upgrade in the whole thing is to be the GPU. I'm making good money now, and the GTX 1080 Ti looks like the sort of future-proofing I need, and best of all, I could reap the most benefits right now with my CURRENT pc, even as I steadily acquire the parts for the rest of it. Issue is, I could ferret away like $200 every few paychecks or something... but I'd rather find a simpler alternative. Ideally, I'm trying to find a site or store that's basically lease to own on my GPU, even if it's $100 a month to do so... but it has to be a place where credit is no object. I'm aware that places like Amazon and Newegg have those options, but a few years back living with my wife-to-be, my credit got destroyed because we both made minimum wage trying to survive a joint rent in Southern California, and paying the bills was almost impossible. So credit-dependent options are out. Believe me, I've tried them and been denied. Now I have a driving job that's ended my money problems, but my credit is only BEGINNING to recover. I see places that lease whole PC's, but that's not quite what I'm looking for, and if I just had them build what I wanted it would be over $300 a month for it. I've found some places that offered just PC components, but the ones I ran into are listed by others as payday loan scams in disguise. I'll save up if I absolutely have to, I'm just trying to find a way that's convenient, fire-and-forget, if it's out there.
Bad credit loans are usually huge interest rates. Probably better off saving the money.
Not necessarily PC building related, but I finally made the upgrade to mechanical at home. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/228820/8a2212a0-f302-4c77-96db-8f30766319c6/1FE2D16F-8124-486A-8806-B3992CE08A36.jpeg Gateron blues on a steel backplate with double shot typewriter keycaps. It feels like a piece of industrial equipment, I love it.
Finally ordering the parts to upgrade my PC https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MgwTJ8 ^ That's the original build I was going with, but I found the same RAM along with a 1070 but used and got the same build but with a 1070 for only $50 more! Also shout out 1/4 Life for all the advice on the parts.
Yeah I'm glad I even bothered to upgrade to 8GB on a hunch some 3-4 years back. Same stick costs twice as much today, or close enough.
I'm lucky I managed to get a 2x8 kit of overclockable DDR4 with heatspreaders for like $150 last year, that shit's almost $200 now
any suggestions on a monitor i could spend maybe £500 must haves would be HDR atleast 1440p good input lag i would like 27-30" 120/144hz g-sync 4k no TN i think its asking a lot for 4k especially with gsync but i "only" have a 1080 so it would help a lot, id rather not spend too much as theres nothing wrong with my current 1440p monitor except the glass fell off i would just like hdr and some other fancy shit
i've been trying to find a monitor that's IPS HDR10 144hz 1440p Freesync but it seems impossible. there's always a tradeoff like it being a TN or only 1080p or 60hz or some shit.
So, I decided fuck a budget because I wanted a new monitor and pretty looks so this is what's on the way to my house. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/WYJgbX I wish I grabbed some of the RGB sticks of RAM but I got the normal for $45 cheaper, so I'm not complaining.
If you guys are looking for 1440p, HDR,low input lag, and 144hz on a VA panel . https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-LC32HG70QQNXZA-C32HG70-32-Inch-Monitor/dp/B06XT6WQCJ I have this monitor the colors are pretty damn great. I think its well priced.
If you can do without HDR and 144hz this is a great deal for the money: https://www.amazon.com/LG-29UM58-P-21-UltraWide-Monitor/dp/B01B67KAQ4/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1526067678&sr=1-4&keywords=lg+ultrawide+29%22&dpID=51QtLFAij-L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch I was able to overclock mine to 75hz which is more than enough for me.
Yeah I gave up on that and just went with 2 monitors. Now I have a 1440p 144hz Freesync IPS Koreashit monitor and a Dell U2718Q. Let me know if you have any success.
Some chipsets and motherboards support ecc, specifically ecc unbuffered. AMD cpus generally always do but AMD says it's up to the motherboard manufactuers while Intel it's a total toss up based on cpu, motherboard and chipset compatibility. I picked up 3x2gb 1333mhz ddr3 sticks for my 1366 X58 computer for $18 shipped on ebay, popped them right in and they are happy to run at 8-8-8-20-1T at 1600mhz along side my other memory. Mac Pro's came with 1866mhz ECC unbuffered and the pcb is black if you want some neat atheistic in your higher end used parts too. Compatibility is always a slight gamble but if someone has confirmed it on your motherboard and you don't go out and buy weird stuff that's dual rank and no one knows what it is you should be okay. I absolutely wouldn't be spending money on new DDR3 though, it's just not worth the price.
32" is 5k territory, 1440p is for 27" monitors.
Vega is somewhat complicated. If the Vega 56 was avail. for around SEP, then it's a very good (very good) value proposition, especially if you get an partner/custom cooled card, since you can OC the HBM and core clock to stock Vega 64 (and quite above) levels. Drivers have improved quite a bit, but still not as stable as Fury series was to me. I'd recommend buying from Sapphire, or XFX. Both are super hard to get, and XFX has absolutely FUGLY designs right now, so you might have to go Asus (better), or Gigabyte. I recommend staying away from Powercolor though.
I don't see any negative aspect for 32 inch 1440p. It looks really good, and you cant even see pixels. It works really well actully, in my opinion 5k is complete overkill and games look great and perform pretty good on a 970, with the added benefit that it was only 30 bucks more for 32 inch compared to it's 27 inch counterpart.
I can definitely see pixels at the same density (old 1080p 24" monitor) but I'm also afflicted with the ability to see jpeg artifacts nobody else notices so there's that.
Maybe the only time I notice pixels is if I get super close to the monitor.
Oh hey! Wasn't expecting this comprehensive a reply. Some points in response: The Fractal Meshify looks great, thanks for that suggestion. Not a bad asking price either. I do have ways to get around the mining-crazed GPU prices due to my line of work, so as long it's stable enough for a daily driver, I'm sold. The look of the card doesn't really matter much due to the fact I'll probably never see it again once it's installed; looks be damned, as long as it stays cool. Speaking of staying cool though... Last page someone shared their open-air rig and I noticed something strange. I think they had a GPU with what's supposed to be an AIO liquid cooler for a CPU on it? What the heck? That's a thing? It doesn't look custom either, is that just a part you can buy?
Yeah Corsair make GPU mounts for their CPU AIOs. Hydro Series HG10.
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