• Seafoam experiences
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Stick in in your intake, in your fuel, your oil, in your mouth. Share your experience with seafoam here! I don't have any experience with it because they don't sell it here, but I see people talking about it all the time.
I did sea-foam into the insides of my ass-whole
This thread is to share the experiences and results. Please don't post without also providing results thank you.
Had a 78 f250 that made about every bad sound a 78 f250 could make. Shot some seafoam right down er throat hole and dumped a can in the oil for good measure, straightened her right up. Ran great until the frame broke in half behind the cab
Srry it fell out of my ass hole Unfortunately it also made my asswhole fall out of my asswhole
Amazing, seafoam really is a great product!
Seafoam basically just breaks down gunk and deposits so they can burn off or just get fired out the exhaust. It's the only "cleaner" I use in cars, because the rest cost the same or more and either don't work or purport to do shit they don't actually do. It's really good for when you're dealing with neglected high mileage cars, and it won't hurt anything when used properly whether the car needed a good clean inside or not. You'll get white smoke out the exhaust while it's in the system which is garbage burning off. If you go for the aerosol+intake or brake booster method you'll get a LOT of smoke.
When I got my 1989 Dodge Daytona it ran like crap until I ran about a can through the intake manifold. I usually poured about half the bottle in slowly letting it burn it through, then I stall the motor out (without hydrolocking) and let it sit for about 10 mins. When you turn it back on it SMOKED LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN for about 5 mins. Ran seemingly better after. After changing the plugs it ran even better. Good stuff. I remember when they were selling it for like $5 a can or 2 for $7. Now it's $12 a bottle and "on sale" for $7.99 now.
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