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Well, seeing as the old facepunch is being destroyed... The Graphic Design Thread In this thread creative and critical minds come together to share their knowledge and inspiration, to discuss their work, ask for advice, and post examples of their own work. What to post in this thread: - Print work such as posters, booklets, business cards, stuff what is on paper - Branding such as logos, patterns, brand packages, stuff what identifies a company / person / etc - Typography such as custom fonts, typographic layouts, stuff what creatively uses the digital written word - Motion graphics, Collage, Grids, Layouts, Mock-Ups, and much much more - If you made it using photoshop, gimp, paint.net, illustrator, inDesign, and such types of programs... it likely counts. - Questions related to design practice, theory, tools, pricing, etc - Discussion on trends, philosophy & theory, and anything related to the field - Updates on your career / ambitions You don't have to post your own work exclusively, but if it is someone else's work PLEASE PROVIDE CREDIT AND A SOURCE to further the education and inspiration of those around you. This has always been one of the most friendly threads on the forum in my opinion, let's try to keep it that way. Advice should be critical but constructive and friendly. If someone posts something that is very amateur, don't just say it sucks; inspire, motivate, encourage, and assist; we all started somewhere. - To start, I'll post the thing I posted in the coins thread: Facecoin, the new crypto currency, get on board! (Something silly I did in my spare time):
Quick logo I whipped together for my portfolio website. I mostly work with photos, audio, and video but have been branching out to graphic design as well as motion graphics.
Care to give a link for your site? I'd be interested in giving a gander. Nice icons for the camera and mic, I'd be curious to see how the logo is used on the site.
Time for a "abloobloo I can't find a job and am having an existential crisis" rant The state of graphic design titles/education and the value of them in Denmark is an absolute joke. I'm gonna attempt directly translating danish titles to english, so bear with me. The title "Graphic designer" is technically not a profession, but a title that anyone can assume, since the name isn't tied to any education here. Yet companies say they are looking for a "Graphic designer" although they actually mean "Graphician". We have a ratings system for education from 1-8, where 1 seems to be comparable to highschool, and 7-8 means that the education will make you one of the best internationally in a given subject. Graphician is rated at 4, and Multimedia designer is rated at 5. But of course that doesn't matter, because companies just read "graphic" in the title, thus picking a graphician for the job I'm applying for as a Multimedia designer. To be fair, Multimedia designer is probably only rated higher because of the wide range of subjects. While a graphician is more focused, and less about websites and practical business methods, meaning that you can be sure that a graphician knows graphic design. But what does the Danish people think a Multimediadesigner does? hmmm, let's think about it. Multi, yeah that means multiple. And media is of course all the media: text, video, pictures, websites. That must mean they can do design for multiple media, right? WRONG. Here's the average danish thought process, when decoding the title: "Multimedia? I know Facebook is a media, so you must be working with websites, right?" We learn basic frontend html, css and how to write the word "javascript", that's it. During the education we have to individually decide which areas we want to further develop throughout. Now please stop only listing jobs looking for Multimedia designers who must have the skills of a webintegrator or web developer.
That is unfortunate. Could you start simply applying as a "Graphician"? Need to get your foot in the door somewhere after all.
I did some research, and it seems like "graphic designer" is a position within a company, not tied to a specific education. The business academy I got the mmd title at has updated their description page for the multimediadesign course, and it now says that people with said education can become graphic designers. I'm currently applying for any job related to graphic design, but I have no doubt that graphicians are valued higher for the more graphics design-focused jobs. I just have to stay strong and network like heck.
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