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Well, seeing as the old facepunch is being destroyed... The Graphic Design Thread In this thread creative and critical minds come together to share their knowledge and inspiration, to discuss their work, ask for advice, and post examples of their own work. What to post in this thread: - Print work such as posters, booklets, business cards, stuff what is on paper - Branding such as logos, patterns, brand packages, stuff what identifies a company / person / etc - Typography such as custom fonts, typographic layouts, stuff what creatively uses the digital written word - Motion graphics, Collage, Grids, Layouts, Mock-Ups, and much much more - If you made it using photoshop, gimp, paint.net, illustrator, inDesign, and such types of programs... it likely counts. - Questions related to design practice, theory, tools, pricing, etc - Discussion on trends, philosophy & theory, and anything related to the field - Updates on your career / ambitions You don't have to post your own work exclusively, but if it is someone else's work PLEASE PROVIDE CREDIT AND A SOURCE to further the education and inspiration of those around you. This has always been one of the most friendly threads on the forum in my opinion, let's try to keep it that way. Advice should be critical but constructive and friendly. If someone posts something that is very amateur, don't just say it sucks; inspire, motivate, encourage, and assist; we all started somewhere. - To start, I'll post the thing I posted in the coins thread: Facecoin, the new crypto currency, get on board! (Something silly I did in my spare time):
Quick logo I whipped together for my portfolio website. I mostly work with photos, audio, and video but have been branching out to graphic design as well as motion graphics.
Care to give a link for your site? I'd be interested in giving a gander. Nice icons for the camera and mic, I'd be curious to see how the logo is used on the site.
Time for a "abloobloo I can't find a job and am having an existential crisis" rant The state of graphic design titles/education and the value of them in Denmark is an absolute joke. I'm gonna attempt directly translating danish titles to english, so bear with me. The title "Graphic designer" is technically not a profession, but a title that anyone can assume, since the name isn't tied to any education here. Yet companies say they are looking for a "Graphic designer" although they actually mean "Graphician". We have a ratings system for education from 1-8, where 1 seems to be comparable to highschool, and 7-8 means that the education will make you one of the best internationally in a given subject. Graphician is rated at 4, and Multimedia designer is rated at 5. But of course that doesn't matter, because companies just read "graphic" in the title, thus picking a graphician for the job I'm applying for as a Multimedia designer. To be fair, Multimedia designer is probably only rated higher because of the wide range of subjects. While a graphician is more focused, and less about websites and practical business methods, meaning that you can be sure that a graphician knows graphic design. But what does the Danish people think a Multimediadesigner does? hmmm, let's think about it. Multi, yeah that means multiple. And media is of course all the media: text, video, pictures, websites. That must mean they can do design for multiple media, right? WRONG. Here's the average danish thought process, when decoding the title: "Multimedia? I know Facebook is a media, so you must be working with websites, right?" We learn basic frontend html, css and how to write the word "javascript", that's it. During the education we have to individually decide which areas we want to further develop throughout. Now please stop only listing jobs looking for Multimedia designers who must have the skills of a webintegrator or web developer.
That is unfortunate. Could you start simply applying as a "Graphician"? Need to get your foot in the door somewhere after all.
I did some research, and it seems like "graphic designer" is a position within a company, not tied to a specific education. The business academy I got the mmd title at has updated their description page for the multimediadesign course, and it now says that people with said education can become graphic designers. I'm currently applying for any job related to graphic design, but I have no doubt that graphicians are valued higher for the more graphics design-focused jobs. I just have to stay strong and network like heck.
Seeing as the other thread is now locked, I figured I would just revive the thread I originally made when Newpunch was in Beta. Please post in here! -
i think a lot of pressure is being put on designers to know everything within the field, like knowledge in web design is expected, along with photography and various other skills you'd used to see people specializing in. Obviously presentation is everything and just having the skills to do all that is what makes the difference for an individual, but what a lot of employers expect out of any employee is almost unfair.
Randomly got an urge to just make some compositions for fun. Was thinking of them as CD covers I guess. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/798/415b99e4-7a2e-4b69-8cb2-c598376fac0e/THISisAtest-03.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/798/fe4f6555-54e4-4c66-b646-8508a61eb9f8/THISisAtest-01.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/798/f3e72b95-345f-4a7d-976a-6c2bdf7d6abf/THISisAtest-02.jpg
Just fooling around again. Having fun in illustrator is... fun. Haven't just messed around with it in forever. Found a gradient I thought was sexy and just doodled with it. (Sized for a background if anyone is inclined). https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/798/511002ba-4e07-462f-b706-6cd7e726096e/THISisAtest_space-01.jpg
Hi folks! I'm fresh out of college and looking to refresh my website/brand. I'm interested in setting up a small side business of selling photo prints and books but still need to market myself to employers through my website. I have some basic knowledge of graphic design but it's certainly not my strong suite. I'm really looking for logo suggestions for both me personally (such as what's on my website) and eventually a logo for a photography brand. As a fellow creative I don't expect any of this to be pro-bono and we can hash out prices or skill-trades. www.danieljobrien.me
@Smeetin The only thing I could recommend is possibly messing around with the plume on the helmet. Right now it looks more like a mane or mohawk to me. Making it smaller near the helmet and expand outward would make it seem more "Plume-y" as well as being the wi-fi symbol. Otherwise its pretty great. @EntropyFox On the logo I'd play around with it a bit more. The best advice for logos is to follow KISS and keep it simple. Too much detail makes the camera and microphone stick out too much from the rest of the design. This is all personal opinion as a teacher. I get a directional or compass-like vibe from the arrows in the middle and the diagonal lines. Maybe mess around with replacing the plain arrows with some triangles to give it a compass like feel. If photography is your primary passion make the top most arrow hollow with just a black outline like an arrow pointing you in the direction you want to go. I also might play around with the font on your initials. There isn't anything wrong with it, but it seems plain. It could just be they look overly simple because of the complexity of the mic/camera. As for your site its does what its supposed to do. However with a photography focus you need to have some image be front and center on the page. When I open your site on my 1920x1080 monitor I see maybe 100px of your two photos, my 1366x768 monitor I see none of your work. While it seems weird 1366x768 is still the second most used monitor resolution behind mobile's 360x640. All your other pages have it and my head hurts to much to sort through whoever wrote this code so I'm not sure if its an error or personal choice. Personally I dislike most of Wordpress/prebuilt site layouts in general. I don't know what programs you have access too, but if your on Adobe's Creative Cloud I recommend checking out this tutorial about making a simple, responsive website in Dreamweaver. If you don't have the Creative Cloud they have the work files posted for you to download, you can just adapt it to your needs. For coding sites there plenty of free programs out there. You could even write html in notepad if you really wanted too.
@Senscith Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll play around with the logo and with your input in mind. As for the website, it's actually a Squarespace template (I took one web design class using dream weaver during college and barely passed it but it's just an opportunity to develop another skill) and I'm using that site to advertise to employers with a mixture of video content, photography, and eventually some audio work. Thanks once again for the suggestions and information.
Anyone else here do the DailyUI challenge? I just started and made a few things for funzies. #001 - Sign in page https://i.imgur.com/SmyIrc2.png #002 - Credit card checkout page https://i.imgur.com/YCGPnx9.png Feedback is appreciated! Also, I scored a job at a cool design agency. Anyone here have any experience working at a digital experience design agency/have any pointers for a newcomer?
Its really simple, and simply nice. The only thing I have any comment on really is that the brush script font on the credit card form is a little hard to read at times, mixed with the small and light sub-titles it makes it a little slow to read, not illegible, but just a little slow. - Continuing my recent string of random illustrator exercises / doodling. Deciding to make a logo for a fictional cyborg / augmentation company from a Mirror's Edge style future. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/798/c2d967b8-0bc1-40c2-bc0e-cfed094bc4ca/Osiris-01.jpg
yo i can see a swastica in this one
Figured someone would say this, but its a bit of a stretch :P. Even so, you can't have a futuristic cybernetics company without some seedy underbelly.
you should exercise ways to make less swastikas
or sneak them in more subtly
Just to be clear, it was not intentional...
Not a graphic designer by trade, but here's a few icons I created for work depicting the different viewing mode options in our apps. I think they came out pretty nice. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/465/2838c07e-933e-485d-8ad2-61dc9d569d31/AppIcons.png And as a cooldown I experimented with a techie missile. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/465/f1d02e1f-9ce7-4d95-bb4c-b587fdafab78/Missile.png
https://i.imgur.com/838doGC.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133590/911bcdfa-2e6c-4b1b-9cd8-388878964d25/image.png
Created this for fun, using the Saturn font as base https://i.imgur.com/DxBlA3T.png
i was doing some experimenting with typography the other day, after i was doing a lot of reading on digital brutalism in design. thinking about digital media in that sense really opened some kind of door in my mind https://i.imgur.com/8uOJGio.png
Made a new background for facepunch. I like how it turned out. Shame I made it in such a low resolution. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/169897/97443a96-d8f2-496f-8a32-fbea5e545613/Facepunch Sam and Dave Background3.png
I've been trying to get some brand identity for myself, so Im trying different logos. What do you guys think about this? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214605/7699728c-432d-4d4d-b88c-5fcead18b1bd/logo-1.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214605/ae27b770-1fc4-4ddd-83b4-cc27009facd4/6Kq-C5Sq_400x400.jpg
Very unique, I like it! Top right is the best.
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