• The avatar above you says "Hi". What do you do?
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Examples: ------------- "Run" "Sing him a song awkwardly" "Jump off a Cliff" Ect
I'm guessing that's you in the photo so I will try not to say anything 'mean'. Id' jump out a window.
Pet the kitty, then be freaked out that it said hi.
Pull my pants down.
I'd probably be dead before I could respond
Take of my glasses.
Flip the fuck out.
Steal his Chocobo
uh, level 3 magic missile
Run away.
I rip those horns off!
be advised
I'll stare at him until he stops glaring at me, anti-social asshole.
nice haircut
steal its hat, so I have two of them
"Uh, hi. Why do you still have a santa hat on?"
Stroke it :3
Instantly assume she wants my dick.
Gaa! Dancing people are always up to no good so I'd probably scream and run.
I'd run away because I just [B]know[/B] that I'm fucked.
Oh hai.
I'd cuddle with it c:
I'd hit them with a stern stare. [b]Right. In. The. FACE.[/b]
Ninjad *Start at her legs and then check her out to the top* ''Im sorry what?''
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