• The avatar above you says "Hi". What do you do?
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I'd leave. :C
Befriend the talking dog and go on exciting hijink adventures with him.
Buy him a mask.
I would laugh at his Pixelcount and ask if his Penis was either that cubic or just censored.
I'd emigrate the fuck out while being full of laughter.
Ask what professions he had in mind.
punch him in the face because RWJ is annoying
[QUOTE=GoldenDargon;35704105]punch him in the face because RWJ is annoying[/QUOTE] That's why I have that avatar. I would slowly walk away. Maybe ask how his day was before then.
Give him a lolipop.
Give him a tophat.
Ask if he has any spare helmets.
[I]I'll bet you could suck a golfball through a garden hose.[/I]
Help him purge the enemies of man.
I'd start singing the Tin Man's song from the Wizard of Oz
Hello talking pokemon.
"Wu-, whe. Where am I." (pant)
Step back before his tongue takes my head off.
Quietly wonder to myself why I let an androgynous Megaman character say Hi to me.
Say "Deal with it."
Wonder if it's a girl or a feminine boy.
Casually say hi and walk away.
Ask if he sells shoelaces.
"Oh, uhm, no Sir-e, I haven't seen no Rillers around. Good luck finding some, though."
Say "Hi and stop looking at my ass."
Say "Goodbye."
Howdy, Soldier.
Rape her
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