• The avatar above you says "Hi". What do you do?
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Kill him for raping a cute woman, that actually cared about a guy, who is doing the hardest and the most insane job in the world, in order to don't get your ass whipped by northern gooks and arabs and told him "Howdy, Soldier."... Just saying.
bid him a good afternoon
shit my pants
Avert my eyes away from his crotch.
I would say kekekekekekeke zerg rush rules.
say hello back.
I'd ask if it wants to test this "slide" I've got in my mouth.
Ask if he's a detective.
Foot five it.
oh, hello doc- what the hell is wrong with your neck?
Solve crime and best villains as the Reptilian Rescuers
"You look a bit angry, bird." And then laugh at my own horrible joke for some time.
Run. Run. Run. Run. RUN. RUN. RUN. RU-
Hudda back to him.
Jolt back in surprise.
freak the fuck out and then become really happy.
Scare him off with the content i got in my title.
how are you talking to me big bold red text
say hello in return and kindly offer a ride to the local coffee shop for a chat.
Is that a terradactel or that thing from "The Titan's Curse" Cover?
Why does this guy look so smug while looking down at his dick?
[QUOTE=Al Bundy;35752374]Why does this guy look so smug while looking down at his dick?[/QUOTE] Ya know, it's amazing how easy this image is to misinterpret, Some people say it's a woman, you evidently think it's a smug guy, I seem to be the only one who knows what it actually is [sp]it's a soldier who's dying from being smashed into a wall[/sp] That being said, again: run. Tongues disturb me.
Ask if he needs an E tank or something, poor guy looks banged up.
Hello. You seem cheerful.
Okay then.
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