• What do you know about the above poster?
    7,149 replies, posted
Is called Joe.
Joined steam a year ago.
Used to post a ton in LMAO pics
Joined in July of 2010
Has the strangest sight linked in his title.
Gawd darnn ninjur
a bomb
He's kind of a cock.
Has his steam profile set to private so I can't learn anything about him.
Has a twitter.
Great avatar.
Recently passed 25k posts
Uses Linux like a boss. I have no idea how to fucking work that shit.
Posted from Windows 7, on a Chrome browser. Name is Mike, lives in Canada. Is disagreed the most. We have 1 friend and group in common. Works in Slidefuse.
Good poster.
Used to have Rocko as avatar.
Better than me at skullgirls
Has quite a lot of posts-per-day
Somewhat new.
New to an oldfag like me.
Old to a newfag like me.
Ninja'd me.
is a brony
Has a lot of anime avatars.
Knows atleast 1 word in german.
Likes LSD.
Was a member of MLG Squad
Has a even number of posts!
Shares his (current) post count number with Master Chief's designation ID.
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