• Motorola Triumph (Android) problem.
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Sorry if this is the wrong spot, I haven't really done a quick question like this before. But just yesterday my android Motorola Triumph's screen just went dead. I can still hear audio when i turn it on, and messages coming in. I can even do the swipe and hear the vibrate confirming I'm entering the home screen, and the backlight is even on, but there's no display. Just wondering if anyone else had this same problem with the same, or similar phones. I couldn't really find anything on the internet, besides maybe a bulb being broken or something. I'm thinking I may just have to get a new one, but was wondering if anyone knew.
Probably be best to ask in the Google section.
[QUOTE=HorizoN;35987610]Probably be best to ask in the Google section.[/QUOTE] Thanks, was thinking that as well.
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