• Ban the user above
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Ban the user above you and give a reason why he is banned.
Banned for making a shitty thread [sp]jk its okay i guess[/sp]
[QUOTE=Darkwater124;46550494]Banned for making a shitty thread [sp]jk its okay i guess[/sp] [highlight](User was permabanned for this post ("cliché FT reply" - Dr.Critic))[/highlight] [/QUOTE] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("hi" - Blazyd))[/highlight]
banned for mod aboose
banned for not sucking mod dick
Banned for unbanning Banshee Friend
Banned for banning someone who unbanned someone banned [IMG]http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/792938544857545681/D440649C0F12A777C3E6E4865FC7CBAFA60CB316/[/IMG]
Banned for posting in a ban-me
Banned for canadian
Banned for using Windows 7 and Chrome, living in Canada. Edit: dafuq, you're fast
Banned for being slow
banned for being critical
Banned for being overly sensitive
banned for no eyes.
Banned for not having your eyes replaced by your ears
Banned for juicebox kidballoon Edit: dafuq did I just say?
Banned for drinking tea.
banned for anime [editline]23rd November 2014[/editline] because that's heresy
Silent permaban via modcp and moved to spammer usergroup, no reason given.
banned for being a moderator
banned for banning a moderator
banned for being blue
banned for shit tier taste in animoo
Banned for too good taste in animoo.
banned because L33T SP34K
banned because coffee tastes like crap
[QUOTE=Dr.Critic;46550599][highlight](User was banned for this post ("hi" - Blazyd))[/highlight][/QUOTE] admin abuse
Banned for being banned
banned for being late for Halloween.
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