• Meanest Thing You've Said To A Black Person?
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What's the meanest thing you've ever said to a black person and how did they react? Luckily I'm nice to black people and I don't say anything offensive to them but I hope FP has some awesome black people stories!
WHAT KIND OF THREAD IS THIS???? [editline]26th February 2012[/editline] ohh he uses linux, that explains a lot.
Once I said that black people have a stronger neck than white people due to natural evolution. They had to get stronger spinal cords and muscles to avoid getting killed by slave-hanging texans back in the days. The guy actually laughed at it, but we both knew I was just kidding.
Not a racist. I have never been rude to one actually, never said anything i havent said to a white. Oh, and in Denmark if you call them a "[b]Pearl[/b] it's the same as a nigger. VERY offensive. [editline]Edited:[/editline] [QUOTE=MenteR;34880898]ohh he uses linux, that explains a lot.[/QUOTE] Wut?
I told this one guy that he was a nagger. He WOULD NOT shut up.
I know one black person and the meanest thing I've said to him is is probably "hi"
I can only see good things that will come about from this thread.
Black people are nice, you should not say anything bad to them. :smile:
I kid around a lot with the black people I know, and I probably say some fairly offensive stuff from time to time. They take no offense, though, and generally we just have a good time about it. Not like my parents enslaved anybody, and I don't think my friend's parent were enslaved either, so why should anybody take offense? It's the same as if someone made a joke about my index finger being bend to hell, it's nothing I really care much about, and generally it's fun.
Does saying "RUN AWAY!" count?
I have never said anything mean to a black person, but that's probably because there aren't any blacks at all in Sweden.
I've never said anything mean to a black person. :C
I said Nigger to a black person once, without thinking about it
I didn't say it to his face, but during my P.E. class a black kid walked in and I said in a hushed tone to my friend "Oh shit tie down everything valuable! some negro kid just came in!" as a joke.
I said lol u black
Once, I was face to face with a black kid I looked into his eyes he looked back at me I then said: Hi he replied: Hello it was intense as fuck
called one a nigger on accident
Nothing, I haven't talked to any black people
"lol ur black"
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