• Weird shit you do when you're alone
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I want to stalk you while you sle-I mean post weird shit you do when you're alone. I fap to anthro planes -,-
I talk out loud to myself as if I were another person.
i attempt to use a cucumber as a dildo, and walk around naked.
read out famous movie lines loud and pretend I'm in that movie.
I just wank for a bit.
Go on Facepunch
I stare at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I study my face and reflect on the fact that that's me. Other times I make facial expressions and look at how I look when I make them.
Play with my balls and dick. When I was younger I used to walk around the house pretending I was holding a shotgun and I was clearing a house from zombies, like, I am Legend style, but before the remake came out. I would dart round corners like I was really alert. I would stop in the Kitchen and look through the tinny cans to see if their was any food left, then act like the house had already been looted. Was fun stuff.
Pee with the restroom door open.
I wank to my favourite cartoon, toss to regular porn, fap to porn I found on FP, Masturbate to things that aren't meant to be porn, pick my nose, walk around in boxer briefs, stair at clouds, stare at sunsets, punch my desk, go on Facepunch, go on YouTube, play TF2, sleep, play TF2, walk my dog, eat at subway, take lengthy showers, take long baths, do a bad Russian accent, rearrange my sock/underwear drawer, do my laundry, read a newspaper, shit, piss, vomit, workout, dance like Commander Shepard, listen to music, scratch my ass, lick my fingers, wash my hands over and over, watch TV, walk around naked, walk around in a towel, piss in my back yard, write unfunny jokes on public bathrooms, practice my non-existent drawing skills, play TF2, drink copious amount of orange juice and going on Facepunch.
Twist my Nipples.
Scream random TF2 Soldier lines... [b][i]MAGGOTS[/b][/i]
[QUOTE=CanadianBill;36792626]Scream random TF2 Soldier lines[/QUOTE] I'll try that next time while twisting my nipples, I think solider lines would complete my fettish.
Oh boy; where to begin? +Talk to myself. a lot. +Pick my nose. +Flick whatever I find in my nose at the walls, curse my stupidity for it and scrape it off later. +Make funny faces at myself in the mirror when I'm washing my hands +Occasionally take the pillow I use as an arm rest and set it on my head.
Flail my limbs in a humorous motion
sniff my fingers
visit random threads on facepunch, from topics i don't go on
I figure that telling people you fap to unusual stuff when no one's around would technically be "weird", but then again, this is Facepunch. So I'm going to tell about the other things. 1. I talk to myself, often in a mean and sarcastic tone. It probably takes the cake when I notice that I'm talking to myself and without thinking loudly proclaim "stop talking to yourself you fucking dumbass, if someone hears you they'll think you've gone mad". 2. When I get a song on my head that I either can't remember the words to or I find it annoying, I sometimes keep singing the song in the same tune while replacing every word with curse words. 3. I sometimes dance around in weird as hell ways when it's late at night and I'm waiting on my food to finish cooking/microwaving. 4. I twist my hands around, snap them, and open them like a Sith trying to force choke someone. 5. I twitch my head whenever I get kind of sleepy or when I notice I'm about to get lost in a daydream.
[QUOTE=Simski;36794154] 5. I twitch my head whenever I get kind of sleepy or when I notice I'm about to get lost in a daydream.[/QUOTE] happens to me like once per month lol
Sometimes I cover myself in vaseline and pretend I'm a slug.
I eat cheerios with orange juice instead of milk. I also hold full conversations with my dogs, cat, rabbit, etc. etc. I REGRET NOTHING
read manga in my bed with no lights on and try to read it...
Talk to myself.
sing like Phil Collins
speak to my self and reply to my self to practice social skills.
I run around the house trying to clap flies together.
Talk to myself, but that's probably my borderline schizophrenia working wonders. :v:
I sing
read creepypastas, on rare occasions
I sing along to Taylor Swift songs.
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