• Make a renamed ripoff of your favorite game and describe it as such.
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[B]Strange Land[/B] (Odd World) You play as Bea, a Dummoken who is forced to work in a facility where they plan on turning Dummokens into bottled Dummoken Juice. Your job is to escape and rescue Dummokens on the way out.
[b]Biocock[/b] (Bioshock) basically a huge gay orgy under the ocean.
[B]Full Life[/B] (Half Life 2) A game where you play has John Freeman, and you have to stop these alien things called Combines that are not robots but are robots and came from science and outer space.
[B]Boot Sex [/B](Deus Ex) A conspiracy about a group of people who are dedicated to catching boot fuckers are boot fuckers themselves.
[B]Fungi vs Vampires[/B] (Plants vs Zombies) Same as PvZ but with Fungi and Vampires.
S.T.A.L.K.E.D. STALKER spin off story where you play as a scientist being hunted through the Zone by mercenaries
[B]Abyss[/B] (Oblivion) This game takes place in the region of Sprohmodiil on the continent of Pamriel on the planet of Nasket. You play as an escaped slave who gets recruited by a famous group of the King of Sprohmodiil's knights. Your goal is to find the long lost Prince and save Pamriel from the invasion of the evil forces of the god, Mesigil Wyven. You must travel to the land of Abyss through Abyss portals that keep opening up all over Sprohmodiil.
Large Aftermath (Mass Effect) A faulty experiment with radiation results in a continent sized cuttlefish, it is up to a sheep herder to save the world. With a rag-tag team with loose cards like Garry, Lara, and Rex the dog.
[b]Atmosphereperimeter[/b] [sp]Skyrim[/sp] You play as an immigrant from spheredil,and you can side with either the Badweathercapes or the Metrics.
European Universe (Europa Universalis) You basically take over the universe as a European country, and by the end of the game, the Bavarian culture is predominant in every part of the globe.
[b]Shincowy[/b] (Shenmue) A game where a cow named Ryo Hazuki has to defeat the evil shin who killed his father and stole one of the two mirrors to summon an evil beast, whilst collecting action figures of famous shins along the way.
Borrowed Wind (Morrowind) You play as anything you want, and have to adventure to the top of the Blue Mountain and kill a god or something. Everyone farts all the time, everywhere.
[QUOTE=ShadowSocks8;36266115]S.T.A.L.K.E.D. STALKER spin off story where you play as a scientist being hunted through the Zone by mercenaries[/QUOTE] That actually sounds like fun.
MOOD Play as a moody space marine in space with you shooting and killing things. MOOD II: Smell on Earth Play as a moody space marine on Earth with you shooting and killing things. Now compatible with Smellovision.
Heavy Rain 2: The Transvestite Donkey Witch Killer. A hunt to bring down Sarah Jessica Parker.
Blinks: The Space Janitor Dog (Blinx: The Time Sweeper) So you play as this dog named Blinks whose job is to defeat monsters created by this gang of Pigs called the Tim Tim Gang. So you fight them and every 3 levels there's something called a leader. You fight him and then you win the game.
Soldat Source (Soldat) Basically Soldat on Source engine + 3D + Making your gostek look like whatever you fucking want + Making your weapon of choice look like whatever you fucking want + 256 max players + HUGE maps + advanced CQC combat system + tons of butthurt classic soldat fanboys
[B]Fall-in 3[/B] You live in a underground vault with all your buddies forever The end
The Amazing Spider-Man (Arkham City) You play as a costumed hero that can swing about an open world city and take down bad guys using stealth by hanging onto the ceiling, walls, and etc.
Hayden's Creed III (Assassin's Creed 3) Slay poon and drink goon.
Highly Sought After [sp]Most wanted[/sp] A trading card game, mostly.
Solo Fortress 2 Unlike Team Fortress 2, your goal is to actually support your team and not worry about points. Also you can trade and collect Pants.
[B]The Bonding Of Arthur [/B] Spend time with your mother and live a happy life [sp]binding of isaac[/sp]
[QUOTE=Lord Hayden II;36269883]Hayden's Creed III (Assassin's Creed 3) Slay poon and drink goon.[/QUOTE] But that game isn't even out?
Dragon wars 2 [guild wars 2] Basically the same but all characters are dragons
[b]Metroid Lime[/b] Samus follows the Space Pirates to Tallon IV where they have set up a secret laboratory which houses a new breed of Metroid infused with the genetics of a lime.
Crimson Band 4: Champions of Arkham City - Digital entertainment product of the annual cycle version Resident Evil 4 meets Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, Rock Band, Champions of Norrath and Batman: Arkham City. Awarded DEPOTACV for the most cluttered but one-of-a-kind gameplay ever! [sp]Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - Game of the Year edition[/sp]
Towns of love Go about giving people hugs and have a good time with your friends [sp]Streets of rage[/sp]
Gang Garrison 2 In the words of Tom Bui [quote=Tom Bui]With reworked weapons, new game modes, and fancier menus and H.U.Ds, it's pretty much better than TF2 in every possible way now. Except for the total lack of hats.[/quote]
Counter-Action (Counter strike) you play as the hostages and have to wait to be rescued by the ct's and or killed by a 12 years old terrorist.
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