• If you were a rapper, what would your name be?
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Vik'nG I would be a viking themed rapper.
Limp Dick Magee
Minuscule Wayne.
Moski2 My catch phrase would be "Come fly with me".
Tree Fiddie.
Madd Dogg
PB n' Genitals
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cgdHzD2T1U[/media] /thread
Shiz-nizzard of Oz. (My name's Ozzy, yo.)
Tony Love a.k.a. Straight Bling Sounds more like an R&B name kinda.
M.C. XxX_---SNIPEZ (((MLG)))---_XxX *headshawt*
T stain.
[QUOTE=Hiighwire;36391156]Madd Dogg[/QUOTE] Hey buddy, I wont allow that!
Dr Buttplug
GabeN My first album would be "The Delayed Album"
Gyrating Johnny
DJ Saggy Flaps
JM Juice
[B]BluntRolla[/B] 'Cos I'd puff the ganj. Alternatively, [B]D-Bubblez[/B] 'Cos my name is Dylan and my bars are so hot that I boil blood and make that shit bubble. Also it sounds like 'The Bubbles'.
Super bite molle it's a spoonerism of super meat boy, and in french it means "supper floppy dick"
[QUOTE=jbthekid;36382273]Blunt Justie B. OP should add this:[URL="http://www.myrapname.com"] www.myrapname.com[/URL][/QUOTE] Chilli Jake Knuckles a.k.a. Jaz Doom I'll take it.
M & M
Scara Grind Yes please
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