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I've never owned an N64. I don't paticularly like LoZ games. I think MW2 is the best CoD in the series. I liked Bioshock 2 more than Bioshock 1. Edit- a few more I think crysis is shit besides graphics I find Mass Effect boring
My PS3 is mainly used as a blu-ray player.
I dislike Duke Nukem. Sorry, It's just terrible in my opinion. There, I said it. :ohdear: Dislikes inbound...
[QUOTE=Trumple;27775592]I dislike Duke Nukem. Sorry, It's just terrible in my opinion. There, I said it. :ohdear: Dislikes inbound...[/QUOTE] wow u suck cuz you have opinions and hate duke nukem disagree
The lack of co-op PC games depresses me :smith:
I never really finished San Andreas :smith:
I've never played any of the MGS games, nor have I completed Morrowind.
all games suck
I've never completed a HL game with the exclusion of Portal.
I've never actually played a Call of Duty game. My first Half Life 2 experience involved a laptop touchpad. It didn't work so well, you can rightfully assume.
Most of the games I've ever played I've never owned, only played at a friend's house The above applies to game consoles as well My PC is a vista laptop made by emachines :saddowns:
I adore the PS3
[QUOTE=I Broke The Sun!;27775783]I've never played any of the MGS games, nor have I completed Morrowind.[/QUOTE] Well i never finished the main quest of TES3, mainly because of the fact that it was hard as fuck. also, go play MGS !
I've never played a zelda game in my life I used to hack in CS 1.6 and various F2P games
I fucked my GBA's USB fleshlight addon. Treyarch Sucks. I've jerked it to Cortana, One eyed Ellie, Alyx, That bitch from Mirror's Edge, and many others. Treyarch Sucks. Half Life 2 was the greatest video game of all time. Dead Space 2 is NOT a horror game, fucking pussies. Treyarch Sucks. Video Game references IRL aren't funny. And Finally, if you're still reading. Treyarch sucks.
I love it when new games and technology for video games are developed but I don't ever get around to playing/using them...
I think Need for Speed is better than Forza or Gran Turismo.
I've never played any of the Fallouts before Fallout 3.
I never finished any of the Super Mario Brothers except for the first Galaxy. What am I doing!?
I never completed a Super Mario without using a Warp zone.
i killed dogmeat by mistake in fallout 3 with a minefield
I never fully completed Half Life, I hadn't played any of the Zelda games 'til a few days ago and I disliked them, I never completed any of the GTA games, I never owned an N64
I always found the newer NFS games (Carbon, Undercover e.t.c) to be incredibly fun, even though everyone says they are shit.
I never finished a Fallout game on my own... yet for some reason I still love the game
I like Halo I've never finished a CoD game except for the Modern Warfare games
I've finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 12 times. I've finished Call of Duty: World at War 9 times. I've finished Modern Warfare 2 5 times. I've finished Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 times.
I played Modern Warfare 2 on a friend's Xbox 360 and I actually enjoyed it. I never beaten HL2:ep2 or Portal. I never beat Ocarina of Time, or any of the Zelda games.
I have never finished any GTA 3 era game. I have finished HL2 more than 20 times. I never got to finish any STALKER game. The only fighting game that I like is Tekken.
I cheated in Portal. I'm not proud.
I never played the original Half-Life. :saddowns:
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