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I got 500 hours on Oblivion, but never beat the main quest. I've never beaten a LoZ or Mario game.
I've never beaten Half-Life 1, Deus Ex, MGS 1, 2, 3 or 4
I've never beaten Fallout New Vegas, despite putting 239 hours into the game. Usually, I'll either get bored with a character or try to do everything before I finish it, then fall out of the game, or get bored with my character..
Never beaten Final Fantasy VII before. I'm 10 hours in at the moment. I'm really glad that I picked it up.
I have never finished a game.
I am extremely shit at pac man, and tetris, and mario.
I snorted cocaine off a Resident Evil 2 disk (the Leon one if I recall correctly).
I didn't really like Bioshock, and I didn't find STALKER to be very fun D: I don't like Fallout I haven't got around to playing Deus Ex I love From Dust I play female characters most the time
Lemme clear up what I stated: Homefront had the best [I]multiplayer[/I] map design, plenty of verts.
I played through Duke Nukem forever purely for the tits.
quick saves after every progress
I like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I bought $12 worth of DLC.
[QUOTE=macotaco;35647406]At least none of you have dreams about buying video games... [sp]So disappointed that I didn't actually get half-life 3 :([/sp][/QUOTE] There was this time in my high school days that I really started to feel nostalgic for Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, two of my favorite games of all time. Almost sad even. I dreamt about buying them on multiple occasions. So I did. Got both of them, mint condition, on Ebay for 30 dollars. Happiest fucking day ever.
I'm enjoying Mass Effect 3's multiplayer more than its singleplayer (Even though I still liked the singleplayer save for the god-awful ending)
I was playing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on the Wii (What can I say, it is fun on the Wii) and I spent a week on the game, then never finished it, gotta go to the sky temple area, that is the last thing I remember.
The first time I played Mass Effect 1, I made every single honorable, top-right (or highlighted blue) choice I could make. Playing back through now, not only do I realize the sheer amount of stuff I missed, but also how much more entertaining Renegade Shepard is. I'm still not gonna be mean to Conrad though.
[QUOTE=Secrios;35642405]I some times play games just to see a fat chick. [/QUOTE] And I thought I was the only one.
[QUOTE=Syrix;35669088]I liked Castlevania 64.[/QUOTE] I like both of them in terms of history and characters and of course the plottwist in the bad ending. The camera and the auto-target sistem kills the game.
Whenever I play an FPS or any other game with ammo involved I'll waste ammo just to have the total ammo count end in 0.
[QUOTE=usaokay;35682587]I like Final Fantasy XIII-2[/QUOTE] I personally liked FFX-2 myself. Haven't played XIII or XIII-2 though cause I only have my SNES and PS2 left console-wise and have no plans on getting a new console anytime soon.
I didn't like Portal 2, and it's probably the only game I don't regret selling.
I spent over $200 on "Nexon Cash" back in middle school when I played MapleStory. ):
I pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever. I didn't even finish it before I returned it. I got $15 in-store credit, which I thought was more than it deserved.
I have played 369 hours of MW2. I beat Mass Effect 2 and 3 before actually getting Mass effect. I have every call of duty since 3 I have well over 1100 hours in League of Legends No regrets, no life. Help.
I only have a Wii because my SNES, NES, Sega Genesis and N64 died years ago, even though I still have all my old cartridges, and the Wii has emulators. I liked Army of Two, but the 40th Day is for some reason high up on my, "Games I Hate" list, and I can't figure out why. I pretty much despise anyone who claims to be a gamer but hasn't played anything other than Mainstream X360/PS3 games (CoD, Gears Of War, Battfield, etc.).
I only have a Wii for the homebrew and emulator stuff offered. Slight regrets.
I don't have xbox live and I don't really want it to be honest.
silent hill 4 has impacted me more than any game ever. i still think about that game all the time, it left an impression on how i think.
- I thought Alan Wake was okay, but it had no replay value (although, I haven't played any of the DLC). - I beat the first LoZ game in about 3 or 4 hours and didn't know what I was doing the entire time. - Skyrim confused the crap out of me for the first 10 hours of gameplay. I guess I was too used to Oblivion. - I couldn't get any further than dropping off that package for Caius in Morrowind. A combination of boredom, confusion, and dying a lot kept me from enjoying the game. - I spent 4 hours playing through the first mission in DX:HR, and nearly an hour trying to get a good outcome from the hostage situation. - I can't play through a stealth game without killing at least a handful of people out of rage/boredom. - I don't get the hype for Metro 2033.
I never finished Prince of Persia: Sands of time, despite it being one of my favorite games
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