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Nice hats, I'd buy 'em for all my money.
I would tap that.
Fry is one of my favorite characters of all time.
Nice hats.
Cool eye. And you're pretty and I love you.
Your wolfish grin is very settling.
It's gayer than my avatar Which is saying something <3 [editline]7th May 2012[/editline] Ninja'd by the change, well the pony I meant
Sharks are boss
I may not have seen all of your avatars, but that one is my favourite.
Pokemon(not sure if that's a pokemon i habe years to play or see the series) and snakes are cool
Words cannot express how great the combine are.
It's not sexualized. Live and let live.
That's a pretty sultry grin she's sporting, jussayin Also, it looks left to right. Rawrr
Venom is 101% badass and sexy
Dragons are pretty neat [sp]rrerr[/sp]
That's a nice looking... mouse?
nice eyes
Rock out, animated avatar
It's 1337!
It's 7!
Serious Business right there!
It's very happy
One of the few from Black/White that I think It Is... "Cool".
One of my favorite pokemon.
Castlevania rocks.
Guild Wars 2 is awesome as fuck.
well i guess it has a nice smile
it's Scarface esque, and I loooove Scarface
dem muscles...
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