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It's as simple as pressing Ctrl+V! Let's start this: This is the tread where you reveal your darkest secret; What you've copied. It's as simple as pressing Ctrl+V!
Erectile dysfunction
[QUOTE=Corndog Ninja;34491444]First look at Bill Murray as FDR [t]http://i.imgur.com/mKqzD.jpg[/t][/QUOTE]
it may not be approved by the Polish parliament.
"It's not my belief that men /are/ masculine, but that they /should/ be masculine according to their choice of how to act and conduct themselves." Was copy+pasting something from a chatlog to mock some idiot.
Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos
C:\Program Files\absolutely nothing\nothing in here either\go back\no seriously\PORN CLICK ME\
Where is your god?
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
And then the motorhead comes in and start What the fuck?
13:16 - Alice in Mikucup ⦂☽: Steam is such a wonderful fucking platform. My cousin came over and wanted to see L4D2. I went to start it, got that idiot unrecognized graphics card error. Continued anyway, Steam locked up. Restarted Steam and tried again, Steam locked up. Restarted Steam, tried to verify the files, "please exit and games or tools first". Deleted my clientregistry blob and restarted Steam which normally fixes that error, nothing. Closed Steam, renamed the folder, reinstalled Steam, copied my games over to the new installation. Tried verifying the files first thing "please exit any games or tools". Took me forever but I finally got into the game. It locked up as soon as I got into a campaign. Tried verifying the files again, "please exit any games or tools." Deleted my clientregistry and restarted Steam, as soon as I logged in "please exit and games or tools." I fucking LOVE how well Steam works.
-snip ninja-
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