• Unzip or unbutton your pants first?
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Do you unzip or unbutton your pants first when you're whippin' your junk out, or just changing? I unzip then unbutton.
I don't wear pants. :smug: No, Unbutton, then unzip. Sometimes, Unlatch, unbutton, unzip.
unbutton, then unzip.
[QUOTE=ExplodingGuy;23629781]Unbutton, then unzip. Sometimes, Unlatch, unbutton, unzip.[/QUOTE] i dont see why you would do it differently
Rip them off like a Stirpper
[QUOTE=Zenpod;23629890]Rip them off like a Stirpper[/QUOTE] Thats what side buttons are for.
I wear shorts
Depends on what I'm doing #1: Zipper #2: Undo belt, pull down pants. I'm thin and none of my pants fit tightly Wank: belt, button, zipper Changing: Belt, pull down pants
Depends whether my plan is to pee or to fap.
[QUOTE=superdinoman;23629913]Thats what side buttons are for.[/QUOTE] I've always wondered how they do that. Rated informative.
Unbuckle belt first
Depends on what I'm wearing.
[QUOTE=TurbisV2;23630062]Unbutzip[/QUOTE] I read that as ButtZip Zipper first for me
What's a buttzip?
[QUOTE=ohadje;23630074]I've always wondered how they do that. Rated informative.[/QUOTE] I tried being a stripper before, sometimes you wear velcro straps with baggy pants to cover up the fold and rip it off. Never again..
I take out my belt, unzip and unbutton my pants at the same time. [editline]12:19AM[/editline] But for seriously I don't have an order.
[QUOTE=TurbisV2;23630114]What's a buttzip?[/QUOTE] Turbis is posting in one of my threads :derp:
button then zip. Op should've made a poll
[QUOTE=TurbisV2;23630114]What's a buttzip?[/QUOTE] We shall never know
Button then unzip.
I take it down, no matter if theres a buttion nor zip :smug:
Undo my belt and pull my pants down. Button (Clip for me) and zip stay done up
Unbutton, unsnap, or un-whatever the hell this would be called: [img]http://jack0204.tripod.com/ebay/hook.jpg[/img] Then unzip.
Unbutton them first.
Undo belt, pull down pants, simple
I'm doing it through pant leg :smug:
I'm underweight now, I just pull them down.
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