• How many times have you been banned? Why? How long?
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Hello Facepunch, today I want to ask how many times and why you've been banned, why, and how long. I was recently banned for making fun of a shitposter (he was also banned.) for 1 Day.
[quote]19 Months ago Uberslug banned <V()LT> for 1 Day in "What the hell happened here?" with the reason “Why reply?” 21 Months ago Gurant banned <V()LT> for 1 Day in Post a link with the reason “Asshole” 22 Months ago daijitsu banned <V()LT> for 3 Days in Draw your reaction to the above reaction with the reason “Trolling”[/quote] 3
17 times, count them all up and that's a total of 32 days. [editline]27th June 2012[/editline] Also, [IMG]http://www.facepunch.com/fp/navbar/events.png[/IMG]
Once, my sister somehow got on my computer and started spamming threads.
I think a total of 4 times. I was permabanned once for having an alt I didn't even have. Not sure why I was unbanned but here I am today.
Once, for a day, for posting that the thread will be closed.
Once for one day when I first started, for making a thread in the wrong section. Hard to believe I actually first came here for Garry's mod ideas/questions, now I never go to those sections.
I've been banned 2 times, amounting to a total of 1 hour and 24 minutes :v:
I've been perma'd three(maybe four?) times, only twice on this account though! (One/Two perma's were requested, one was from 4/5 years ago on an old account and one was when I posted in the RC as a goldie).
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