• Should I introduce my husbando to my parents?
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I promised my parents to visit them for the easter weekend but I can't sleep without either hugging one of my dakimakuras or getting black-out drunk. Please help me out on the decision guys! https://www.strawpoll.me/15393667
Would a blank body pillow work? the sensation is exactly the same and it would be completely inconspicuous.
Here is a picture of my dakis to help you deciding but I'll probably bring the left one because the other guy is nude on the front side (maybe slightly nsfw)
Well what's on the daki?
Make a Daki of yourself and send it to meet your parents leaving you with complete freedom.
Sadly this is not an option, I have no blank pillow case and I don't want to risk getting them dirty.
Send in a normal sized pillow with a printed picture of your face on it taped onto the front of the pillow.
What do they look like exactly?
I've linked it below your original post
my bad, just upgraded that post.
You can still slightly see the print and I think the seams are gonna be pretty uncomfortable
Get a bed sheet/some other large fabric and mummy wrap it around the pillow
This seems like a solid idea! I'm still kinda worried about the sheet unwrapping or the blanket cover being way to large tho'
If you have a bath robe you could use its belt to tie the mummy together, if it's one of those bed sheets that are like a bag-like blanket sheet that the blanket goes inside of then it should be even more secure. I'm pretty sure that it's possible to wrap even regular bed sheets in such a way that it won't get unwrapped, by folding it a bit in a few places perhaps.
Thanks for the replies so far! I'll possible be unable to reply for a few hours, I'm bringing my leftover lunch to a coworker and probably grab a beer
just show them to your parents whats the big deal lmao
Just bring the dang pillow The weirder you are about it the higher chance there is of them also being weird about it
Are sleeping pills not an option?
Bring them AND get drunk, come back with results of your daring venture
Coming to visit your parents with a gay furry body pillow sounds like a very bad idea to me, so I have to go with black-out drunk.
Just say it was a gag gift but its actually really comfy (if you're too lazy to use the suggestions above).
i dont know about your parents but i'd be highly disappointed having a mature son cuddle with pillows instead of creating tulpas
Just go buy so me hot anime titty pillow covers, your mum and dad will be proud.
Poe's law is doing a real number on my head right now, I have to admit.
You're setting yourself up for the 2018 version of this image. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/641/615/9d5.jpg
I came in this thread not knowing what a dakimakura is, and I leave not knowing if I want to continue living.
It is my professional opinion as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California, that you need to introduce yourself to Jesus.
So this is what post war Germany looks like...
Welp, suicide is winning by a clear margin.
I like the poll embedding, but an official facepunch polling feature with a join date restriction and the old thing of seeing who voted for what would be cool. OP, leave the "fucking pillows" at home. Don't get blackout drunk. Just deal with a lame normal pillow for a night or two.
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