• What internet service plan should I go for in my apartment?
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Hi, I'm moving into a new apartment and the available ISP is verizon. They offer these plans: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132997/2ec666d7-bd9e-4565-b268-a84530b10d2c/chrome_2018-04-19_15-28-40.png I don't give a shit about cable and phone, but for someone who likes to play CS:GO online and stream netflix at the same time, what plan looks good from a price/speed perspective? How much do you pay for internet service? I'm making $90,000 a year so neither or these are going to bankrupt me rally but of course I want to get a good deal
In south korea, we can get GIgabit for 30$/mo w/ 2-year contract jeez Gigabit is good when you're trying whole bunch of new games and stuffs a lot. 100mbps is just good for average internet experiences. tbh, if you don't care about the money the middle one seems really good option for you. (if you don't have any choice on getting the internet from that ISP..)
The other option is comcast but fuck comcast
Yeah I get by with 8 down and 0.5 up 100/100 is fine. You can always upgrade if you find it to be an issue, but you'd be more reluctant to downgrade
You're lucky to even have those options. I would kill for just 10/10 Mbps. All I have is 2Mbps down and 0.5 up.
I'd say that 100/100 would be the better deal if your income was say, 25k a year, because 100/100 is pretty good and gigabit would only really help you imo when you're downloading some very big stuff. But with 90k income you may as well go for the $79.99 deal since it will be pretty nice for those cases.
The 100/100 is a decent deal and plenty for a hand full of users at once unless you're all downloading linux distro's without a bandwidth limit. In Baltimore I wrestle with comc@st for 150 down/12 up @ $50/mo.
Go for the $40 plan. Playing CS:GO, your online experience will be affected more by latency than by bandwidth. As for streaming Netflix, you could very easily stream 4K+HDR Netflix with only 50mbps down, and that cheapest plan can offer at least twice as much bandwidth. They make it clear that the $40 plan is good for up to 7 devices while the Fios plans are good for up to 100 devices, so unless you’ll be running a medium-sized business out of your apartment, the $40 plan looks more than sufficient. And yeah, the Fios plans offer cable and phone, but you admit that you don’t give a shit about those. Also be wary that those monthly rates are before taxes, equipment charges and other fees. They don’t tell you how much those are gonna cost.
Yeah but keep in mind the speeds they advertise are never the speed you'll get
That really depends on where you live
Northern Virginia/DC area
i mean it's more on the block and how much they've provisioned vs. how much it actually gets used. You can't really know unless you move in or know somebody who lives there I think
Note how on the gigabit plans they say "up to", while on the 100/100 it just simply states the bandwidth. Based on that, and very briefly skimming through this, I'd say you're likely to get your advertised speed with the lower end plan
If you are on your own, 100 mbps is plenty
100 should be more than enough unless you're trying to stream a show, play video games, and download at the same time.
I'm just saying that $80/mo isn't really a big deal is all so I'm looking more for something that meets my needs than something cheap
Yeah and I'm just saying that that comes across as really uncouth, but whatever it's been said. The bottom line is 100/100 will probably do what you need, but if money's no object then the gigabit is obviously a safer bet. I'm not sure what else can be said.
Just get 100/100. Fuck paying for cable and/or phone to get a gigabit.
since south korea banned the porn (yes, it's real), all south korean man are dedicated to downloading Japanese Hentai Videos in their HDD with whopping 1Gbps speed. That is one reason why internet is cheap in here.
The cheapest one. The only time you'll really see the benefits of 1000/1000 is downloading from actual services that can give you at least some of that bandwidth to use, like Steam. What the hell do you need TV or Phone for if you have the internet, anyway. 100/100 for $40 is pretty sweet in the US
I really wouldn't pay 100 dollars for internet a month. Paying about 32 euros/dollars a month for 300 mbps internet is more than sufficient for me. Then again im those people who remember downloading a game through the night because of internet speeds.
The other thing to keep in mind is that the Gigabit options lock you in for twice the amount of time the $39.99 option does. For someone who lives alone 100Mb up/down is plenty. If you really want some speed then go with 1Gb. For Netflix and CS:GO it's pretty overkill though
As it turns out, the $40 plan isn't so easy... the plan says it's for "first time customers only" and is only available for setup over the phone, which means I'd have to pay a $100 fee. Additionally, the price is liable to increase
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