• Million Dollar Ideas You're Too Lazy To Develop
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I have a solution for you on both fronts. Put a layer or two of toilet paper on the surface of the water. I've been doing it for years at this point and I never see it after finishing, nor have I had to deal with backsplash for almost 8 years.
In the faculty where I study at they already implemented something like this and the result is actually way shittier than it sounds. The dispenser is located right next to you when you enter the restrooms, not inside the stalls. So if you need to take a heavy shit you need to stand next to the dispenser and calculate how much of it are you going to consume (and it's hard to estimate how much paper you will need when you need to go ASAP). Advanced restroom users do this thing where you trigger the dispenser to give you a bit of paper, then while it's slowly dispensing it to you, you put your hand inside and start pulling it outside carefully, the machine then gets like "stuck" and you can grab as many paper as you need as long as you don't break the roll and keep pulling carefully.
How about a thing that applies lotion or sunscreen to your back?
But how will I know what my high score is? The bigger the splash my asshole with piss the more I win
Camera sensor with a secondary "buffer" per-pixel that keeps the sensors from overexposing. Basically, a 14-bit sensor might have 16K brightness levels, but when that "bucket" is filled, it can no longer record more information and is overexposed. However, if it then dumped its info to a secondary bucket (which may have something like 256 levels) it can keep recording. In effect, you'll be able to take really long exposures without even the brightest parts ever overexposing - or in other words, incredible dynamic range.
A bionic dick that you can load in a single bullet, and then shoot it out. Perfect for self defense, and or those under the radar assassinations, best of all it's unexpected and you'll always be packing it.
Well, its actually a good thing to look at your fecal matter in case theres blood?
I actually used to do this too but I moved last year and now I have to get used to this new toilet with a plateau in it. And, I'm not sure if my turds are just fucking big or if its a normal turd size but I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of poo and it makes it even more disgusting.
robot that auto-bans people who post in the rust forum and reddit users
Hezzy is already here.
I always thought about a service that delivers coffee and snacks to those stuck in traffic, that seemed to have potential.
Voxel RTS game where you pick an area from Google Maps, and its made into a map. Each player is capable of building their own vehicles with an editor, and this means every battle would be unique in some way.
Especially in China
There are quite a few flaws with that.. Traffic can be tricky and it also has to be in a specific place. UNLESS there are highway kiosks but then that would cause issues as well.
I was thinking more like order via an app and have the drink bike or drone delivered, with the customer's location GPS tracked. ofc there would be a few kicks to solve. Ideas are worthless, after all. The money's on the execution and solutions.
Good posts on facepunch.
A man who doesn't admire what he creates is no man at all
a million dollar idea
Cure for cancer
you cant make something that already exists
bans don't count
Auto-tint windows for the goddamn public transportation i have had enough everyone on one side getting goddamn fried at any moment that the sun isn't clouded
A website where lazy people send me million dollar ideas which I sell to not-lazy people for slightly less than a million but since people keep sending me them I end up with billions.
Shadowplay Glasses. No extra AR or anything, just glasses that keep the last however long recorded with a button to save it.
A web browser that doesn't use 12GB of memory
You can find a bunch of those on Amazon already, the biggest problem with them is the battery life due to the small form factor, you'll be lucky to find a pair that'll last two hours on one charge
Smelt and form a million dollars worth of gold into one single ingot
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