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Around 50% of people will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental condition at some point in their lives. The problem is that for some of them, getting a diagnosis is an excuse for self-pity. However, I think most people just consider this a faceless place to rant about stuff. It doesn't matter if anyone cares, the mere perception of someone listening helps blow off steam. I looked at your posts, and you have a strong opinion about anti-depressants, describing them as medication for feeling a little under the weather. What you need to understand is that depression can be physical, and saying you should never even try treatment is naive. I understand and share the gist of your anger tho' - those who would rather feel sorry for themselves.
This annoys me too and I get on my dad's case about it whenever I see him do it. He'll sit there and keep checking his mirror and getting frustrated that a driver isn't giving him an opening to change lanes... but he's not actually signalling. I eventually have to say to him: "They can't read minds. How are they supposed to know you want to change lanes if you don't signal first?"
Speaking of taking opinions seriously, it's hard to take anything you say seriously when it comes to mental health, so I feel like your interpretation may be ever so slightly off-kilter.
I just bought a bunch of stuff at the flea market and as soon as I come home I realize some of the stuff I bought is missing. Where could they've gone?? I have all my bags!
so you're a genuine sociopath huh cool beans
I still think that some people just extend their index finger out while still holding the steering wheel, so that when they start turning the finger hits the turn signal and it starts blinking.
Althought The Grenade is seemingly lacking in the whole basic human sympathy department, he rises two legitimately good points, at the very least in my opinion: If you are suffering some kind of social disturb or a downright mental illness you shouldn't try to glorify it in some capacity and/or make it known to people you are talking to ad nauseam: instead, you should always attempt to cure/cope with it at the best of your abilities, with or without trusted outside help, and inform people about it only if you are asked and/or feel that particular person deserves/is worthy to know. Having a stable online community to relay on, talk about pretty much everything and meet other interesting people surely is great and a good way to expand your horizon and, if needed, help you develop an healthy and fruitful contact with other people, it should not become your only mean to interact with others or, worse yet, become an illusionary, delusional "home" or "IRL friends circle of sort" to be content in your own, willingly isolation. It just doesn't work that way
Those points would have some weight behind them if a non-trivial portion of the FP userbase did that, which isn't the case imho. Seems like Grenade just wanted an outlet to express his contempt for what is essentially people just existing.
It's 2018 and no-one seems to use UTC to organise stuff online, like come on, it was made for a reason.
we should just abolish timezones altogether along with DST and everyone use 24 hour UTC.
move everyone on earth to the same vertical strip on earth so timezones aren't a problem
The page is shifted to the right for me, that's dumb. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/152/ffbc1fbd-3a7e-48c2-aeff-e137d45e5cd2/Untitled.png
People who no sense of brevity at all I don't want to listen to you explain simple words using 50 paragraphs that could be shortened down to just 1. Get to your point or shut the fuck up, if you can't speak properly then I'm just going to ignore you.
oh cool, you're an ableist as well classy
emoji is language evolving, not devolving, though (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I wasn't even replying to you at all😯, nor have I read any of your posts before. 🤔 I'm talking about people that don't use precise speech😏, and sometimes circle the same thing within the same line.😴 A lack of brevity turns any long post into a rambling mess😣, and the more same sentences that are used the harder it is to understand someone.🤨 It's not a 'devolution' of language anyways😎, it's a more effective use of language. The exact opposite.😂
Can't fucking stand water
Hey, I agreed with you on this; some people just don't want to be helped, diagnosed or not - I think, at its worst, it could be a mental disorder itself. But you're exaggerating the vocal minority. No, you specifically explained how anti-depressants supposedly never work. Even if you didn't, you're still in no position to say whose depression is clinical and whose is not.
You do realize that your preconceptions and ignorance are just as damaging right? Just because a few people pretend that they have "problems" doesn't mean that mental illness is as uncommon as you think. Recent analyses have all but confirmed that one in every three individuals on this planet at any given time, have suffered from, will suffer from, or are suffering from some form of mental illness. People whine about problems because their minds are literally trapped in their situation with no idea what to do, much less get help from somebody. Venting is sometimes all a person has to help their situation, considering how horrific the costs of actually seeking proper care can get in certain countries. I don't deny it can sometimes get a bit much, annoying, or overboard when it comes to certain cases, but that doesn't diminish the validity of it. You would understand if one day you went through the same kind of pain such people go through.
There is nothing ableist about that statement and he is completely right. A lot of under 25s seem to mistake having an unfulfilling life with depression, and then their "depression" gives them a convenient excuse to not work hard to fix it. If you stay in your bedroom all day on the pc, drinking, smoking weed and jacking off till 3am each day, then you have a lifestyle problem and not a mental one. Same with social anxiety, you cannot have 10k posts on an Internet forum and claim you have social anxiety.
Naunce is not always the opposite of brevity my dude. It isn't complex and naunced language to explain shit in 50 tweets when you could say the same thing in 5. You can have brevity and still use a lot of words, it's not about how many words you use, it's how well you use them. Your posts don't read like they have a lot of naunce to them. They read like someone with ADD who can't communicate their words properly because they're erratically busy saying fuck all.
I really feel like I'm taking bait here because to me this just seems like you're posting this all just to stir shit, but I will point out the irony of you criticising users of facepunch and their idiosyncrasies while you continue to rant on like a 14 year old who just only discovered they have emotions
i hate the fact that I'm persecuted just because I want to tell mentally ill people they're faking it smh
Also before you ask what my qualifications are or whatever, I have none. I'm basing my opinion on actual psycologists and therapists that people I know have gone to, who upset them by advising them to go out more and try to improve their lifestyle instead of prescribing them SSRIs and beta blockers.
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French people really piss me off.
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