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i genuinely like banjo-kazooie nuts and bolts
That's mostly true, but I enjoy tennis a lot. However, football is far too esoteric for my tastes (I am talking about real football, not that American shite that's a competition to attain head injury.)
white genocide is good as hell and im doing whippits to celebrate
I'm rather fond of the occasional baseball becasue the game is pretty easy to understand and also interesting to watch. Only real gripe I have with it is that it's sometimes *painfully* slow.
American football works remarkably well as a social experience. The game is designed around commercial breaks and socialization amongst friends during downtime, so if you try to watch it, say, alone and sober, you're not gonna get much out of it. I do not follow the NFL at all, but I look forward to events like the Superbowl every year, and I can easily see how people can get way into it as a hobby/passion.
Also, "lol dumb Americans, don't they know rugby/cricket/tibbly-wibbly is a superior sport???" never fails to come off like a Fox and the Grapes scenario. 600 years ago, Jesus told the founding fathers to throw tea in the harbor specifically so we don't have to play your shitty versions of our superior American pastimes, eating crumpets and drinking tea instead of nachos and cases upon cases of beer. Nobody's ever gonna put the new Avengers trailer in front of the big rugby game, and I doubt Lady Gaga is ever gonna dive off the top of a cricket stadium while surrounded by hundreds of coordinated drones.
Ye your not going to see that outside of the US because to everyone else around its tacky and commercialised as hell.
I too am a deranged, hateful person who wishes death for millions of people solely because of their skin color.
I thought white genocide was just a dumb conspiracy about all white people making babies with non-whites until there's only ever mixed race people
It's still shitposting even if you're being ironic
"Beer" Tea's got a stronger kick than whatever this beverage is. No wonder you've got to go through cases of them to get mildly drunk. Enjoy having to take a piss every five minutes, maybe that's actually why there are commercial breaks so often. Also if the only thing you can think of to praise the sports is the opening show and the goddamn ads then the core of the game is probably not that interesting.
I don't trust America to improve anything when they call a sport with an egg-shaped object that you handle with your hands 'football'.
As someone from a country in which no one plays baseball it seems like a such weird nonsensical ritual, it feels like players are just moving in random directions, running towards some bases while others try to catch ball... or not catch it... I have absolutely no idea what's happening. American football also can be difficult to understand, but at least I get the general idea - move ball from one side to the other. Baseball however... is mysterious to say the least.
In my opinion baseball is pretty simple. I always struggle with football though. Baseball could be difficult to understand at first though potentially, especially if who's on what team isn't clear enough. You have one team at bat who tries to hit the pitcher's pitches and make it to a base without getting out. There's three bases then home plate and the batter's job is to travel clockwise around the bases, hitting each one on the way, then they score a point if they reach home plate. The other team's job us to try and catch the ball after the batter hits it before it hits the ground to get them out immediately or for one of the defensive base men to tap the batter with the ball while he's not on a base. Alternatively the pitcher throwing three strikes (balls the batter fails to hit) will also get a batter out. It's actually far more structured than something like football, rugby, or soccer tend to be, but unlike those sports each team has a specific role in each part of each inning. (Each inning is split into two parts. In the first part one team is up for batting and the other is on defense. After that team gets three outs they switch. After the other team gets its turn at bat they switch again and go into the next inning, of which there are nine.)
post a picture of your hand to prove you're not white
American Football is great, it’s a fairly tactical game where positioning and play choice really matters.
which is why I wrote "wishes"
What does this mean? I assume you are referencing the milk is white racist meme, but not sure. Baseball is essentially the same as Rounders in Britain, although it's normally only played at school here. I agree though - international football as well as American had to be have the players neutered for it to still be a competition.
Calling sodas "pop" has to be one of the dorkiest things ever. The rest of the U.S. seems to think all of us Wisconsinites say that. I've never heard that shit here, and hope it stays that way.
What did the world ever see in Jerry Lewis? He might be the most obnoxious, unfunny person I've ever known about.
what? American Football is pretty structured. You have offensive, defensive, and special teams (this is things like Kick-Off) line-ups. There are a number of formations used for offensive and defensive purposes. It all depends on what your goal is for that play, and in that specific situation (ie the score, clock, downs, and yardage to go), and these can be switched before the snap (ie start of the play) if either the defence or offence doesn't think their original choice was going to work (or if they want to fake out the other team).
Things like the off-side rule etc. They're rules put in place. I think there are certain rules on contact in American Football too, but I could be wrong. Tennis is very simple in structure but creates great competition.
if you didn't have rules you wouldn't have a game, you'd have a free for all. it's clear you don't have a good understanding of the game. it's fine if you don't enjoy it, but tbh right now it seems like you're going out of your way to insult the sport. re contact: there are a couple rules about contact, though a lot of it comes down to not hurting yourself or others. As well, since the primary goal is to get the football, they're usually aimed at preventing players from hitting players who don't have the ball.
If a game requires this many arbitrary rules to stay competitive, it's a badly designed game at the core.
there's not really that many rules my dude, it's also a ~150 year evolution.
They should probably re-do a lot of it from scratch then, only implementing rules that make sense now, and keeping them to a minimum.
There's really not that many. It would be nice if people who said things like this at least had a semblence of knowing what they're talking about.
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