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I'm really happy that the grand finale of the DBZA Cell Saga ended with the announcement of Season 4. Because, for as good as the show (and all three parts of Episode 60 in particular) is, I would have been tremendously disappointed if they didn't at least confirm that they intended to do the Buu Saga at some point as well.
is there a collection of all these 'retarded' emojis so that I could replace ALL of them on my phone and how do I do that?
Alright apparently I'm the same height as Tyler1 so yeah I guess I am short.
Then fuck em lol its not the 'read tick's fault, its your friends fault they dont respond when you message them. Maybe they're busy? Maybe they dont have the time to reply and plan on getting back to it later when they have spare time to sit down and reply? I know people can 'reply' to messages you leave on the fly but then that results in constant back and forth messaging and maybe theyre busy
Like said, it depends on where you live. I'm 176.5cm tall and I feel like most other men I walk by are taller than me. I feel like I'm the average height, maybe a bit below.
Feels like I'm the only one who likes Shark Tale
both drinking what is essentially just extremely unhealthy drinks at the end of the day.
Bojack Horseman is probably my favorite satire of my generation.
I think TES VI's was the closest to a good announcement you can get at E3. 0 bullshots. 0 fake promises. No stupid CGI story trailer like Dead Island that tells you nothing about the game, or even misleads you about the game. No shots of gameplay that looks better than it will on release day for marketing purposes. It sure was literally just a logo and all it tells us is that the game exists but y'know what that's basically all you can trust at E3 so cool
"Almond milk" is just nut juice It has no right being called "MILK"
please do not call it nut juice
found the nut juicer
Oh honey, you don't know the half of it.
i hate when vegans say "you cant drink cows milk you're not a cow" and then drink almond milk? are u an almond?
theres already nut milk, why not nut juice
Am I the only person who doesn't understand how Friends became so popular? We're there some hidden marketing tricks that they used that made it so popular? It's literally the most average fucking sitcom you can think of.
As far as I can tell, Friends got big because it was so fresh compared to sitcoms at the time.
The Seinfeld Effect. An older piece of media appears tropey, cliched and tired when viewed today, but the reality is that that older show is the origin of all those tropes and cliches.
Even if that one study says most women like stoic, cold men, I still prefer to be the way I am (a bit overly-sensitive but laidback and chill). Honestly, I prefer taking a long time finding a partner who accepts my type of personality than have to stop being myself, because what's the point of appealing to the majority if you deep down aren't compatible with them anyways.
I will never fully comprehend people who are obsessed with professional sports, be it athletic or esports. I cannot fathom watching 3 hours of commercials with intermittent gameplay by people getting paid to do so. People who follow sports stars and teams religiously are weird.
Everyone needs a hobby, and being a sports fan is probably one of the easiest escapes from work, study and life, in terms of cost and effort. I’m not a sports nut either, but I can understand how others are. But I don’t know how American football is as popular as it is. Just the flow is peculiar; there will be a play for about ten seconds, and then there’s a 1 or 2 minute break until the next ten second play. Rinse and repeat. There’s more standing around than actual playing. I reckon if more Americans were exposed to rugby (league or union) where the flow rarely stops, it could replace American football.
I dont think it's particularly difficult to see why anything entertaining/exciting would have dedicated followings. Sports are just that much more popular, though, because they're universally understandable and appealing, have teams you get invested in, and are an easy social connection point.
idk about anybody else but the rules that physical sports run on are so labyrinthine and confusing, I find it impossible to get into them.
Idk, not any more than any sort of competition IMO. And it's not like you need to understand all of the rules to enjoy spectating. When watching Lebron James pull of a sick dunk, Pavel Datsyuk do a sick deke, or Rob Gronkowski run a full-field conversion, it's immediately obvious why it's exciting and impressive, as they all incorporate universal feats of human athleticism (jumping, running, dexterity, etc.). This is why I've also never understood just how MOBAs got so popular. They are literally incomprehensible to someone who isn't experienced with the game. I watched TI8, and while it was exciting (even though I had no clue what was happening), sometimes the casters would just start yelling in excitement and I would have no idea why.
ok, let me clarify: I don't get why people think watching drugged up millionaires throw a ball around is fun
The same reason they like to watch drugged up millionaires pretend to be different people. It distracts them from the troubles of their lives for a short while.
Because its entertaining? Rephrasing it in a denigrating and oversimplified way doesn't change anything. I don't get why a bunch of boring losers writing messages on a forum is fun either but here we are
At least with that it's usually different. Watching drugged up millionaires do the same thing gets boring after a while, least with film and TV it's different and sometimes even a smart idea or concept shines through the story. Because it's active. Watching sports is passive. I love playing sports, I used to play football and baseball but I could never watch them at home or in person. You're right, watching losers shitpost on a forum all day is boring. Actively posting on the forum is fun. Also I don't wear jerseys with my favorite forum posters name on them, nor do I walk around town with my "Fallout General: FP Shitpost Champs 2015, 2017" cap. And you can bet your ass none of us are getting paid millions of dollars in sponsor dosh and corporate gold to post here. Again, it's the obsessive nature that repels me, the idol worship of anything bothers me, sports just happen to be something that annoy me because I know many people whose lives are dictated by the ups and downs of a particular team and I in all honesty could not give a shit about whether or not a team does well or poorly because in the grand scheme of life there are 10x10^45 more important things to do than hold my breath over the fate of drugged up millionaires throwing a ball around and getting paid more money than I will ever see in my life for playing a game.
I think you're reading too much into it, I would hardly call sports fandom "idol worship". This whole argument kinda comes down to the whole tired "why passively engage something when you can actively engage in it" argument. The reason is, ultimately, because the people I'm watching are better than me. For most people, watching people do things at a high level has inherent value. If it doesnt for you, thats fine I suppose, but it shouldn't be hard to understand why some people *do*. Also, actively engaging in things and passively engaging in things arent mutually exclusive. Opportunities to play sports come around relatively less frequently than opportunities to watch them, and there are plenty of times I'll play basketball on the weekend and then watch the game the next day. Given your "fuck all TV" comment though I gotta wonder if you engage in any sort of entertainment whatsoever. Are you ever doing anything that's not active?
I don't have any problem with lootboxes or gambling.
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