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When I get the coinage https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/29/2b/66/292b66c747d54d222288bd6e7cb0c3e8.jpg
Now I can use all the different sorts of art that I have for my character. Success! Total and utter success! Also let's extend it, I want to see what it looks like longer.
tossing my hat into the ring new fp will take some getting used to
kinda wish it didn't hide the avatar so her eyes would glow when you hover over the background but i can enjoy this either way
Mine is miscentered but I rate myself a 6/10 for effort.
mines cool
I only just accidentally learned that hovering your mouse over the background images makes them more visible
I like these backgrounds. Urgot is best boy
Test test is mine working y/n
Well, here's mine. Hope you guys like it.
I'm not creative enough to have a good background.
your mom is a good background
It's muh Spehss Mehren Couldn't you just make the background version's eyes glow?
I believe in you, get yourself that background!
that'd end up making the effect of the avatar overblown, as the avatar itself is transparent. i probably could by making it opaque and tweaking it a lot, but i won't have access to my computer until monday so i can't right now i kinda wish there was an option to not hide the avatar when hovering over the background
If your background ain't a cat then you are doing it wrong.
mine's a cat ...just a different kind of cat
Ok deal, it's going to look like garbage but I have no other ideas. When I get the coins I'll put it up.
Garry, how many coins do I have to pay to stop anime?
Mob now judges you (new hover technology)
Shad cuts off, I'm disappointed.
mines the best one
I tried to use the Target Test background from Super Smash Bros. Melee but the low contrast makes it hard to see. I'll replace it once I get a single extra coin.
i missed the opportunity to have a cropped porn background but i figured that'll become bannable in due time again so i invested my coins into anime instead
New backgrounds are lit. Happy everything fitted correctly on mine.
Thank ya very much
Meh. Didn't come out too well.
why i see Doctor Neo Cortex in this
nice avatar
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