• Post a smiley that describes how you feel now.
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:sigh: Damn facepunch sure is depressed today.
Sex mad face here omgomgomgg
I don't know how to post smileys.
Most of the time :geno:
:f5: and :munch: I'm REALLY bored.
[URL]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1242011/DAVID-ROSE-The-mini-ice-age-starts-here.html[/URL] :c00lbert: Now those climate muppets who waved off my theory (That EXACTLY this would happen, but disturbingly it is here earlier than I expected, I expected between 25 and 100 years into the future) can't say I didn't tell them so. I am very happy! My scientific hypothesis gets new evidence! :bravo:
No smiley can describe how I fell now, but this one ":what:" is kinda accurate on how I look.
[QUOTE=stikhead17;19593348]I don't know how to post smileys.[/QUOTE] Just write one of theese commands into your reply. [url]http://www.facepunch.com/misc.php[/url]
My life is :saddowns: at the moment.
:downs: I just ordered pizza from the chinese place.
Today: :geno: Then :barf:, then :geno:, :suicide:
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