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[QUOTE=100 cotton;35759103]I shot the sheriff.[/QUOTE] But I swear it was in self defense.
[QUOTE='[Green];35759589']I'm the most normal person in my class. I'm afraid for my life each day. oh and even though i'm under 18 i have a nice alcoholic beverage sitting on my shelf that was bought the day i was born. it shall be opened when i come of age and it's going to be glorious some sort of custom around where i live, apparently[/QUOTE] You are the most normal person in your class, even though you have a second personality? What the hell?
[QUOTE=Timester;35758949]i love the feeling of holding poop[/QUOTE] I love the feeling of taking a huge dump
Uhh I don't even know where to start so I'll just post what comes to mind I drew a smiley face on my dick once cause a girl asked me too. I am easily the most daring of my friends, however Iv never broken a bone and hardly ever get injured. People at my school are scared of me, however I have never been in a fight or hit anyone, period. I'm suicidal/depressed and I cut myself I have never kissed a girl, however most of my closest friends are girls. I'm buying a 13 year old I know a dog collar for her birthday
I'm a nice person.
[QUOTE=roody poo;35759175]Holy fuck, You're like my twin[/QUOTE] This guy is, actually. [url]http://facepunch.com/members/99785-McMissile[/url]
- I've never really hurt myself. Most that's ever happened is that I've cut myself. - I have a extreme addictive personality - I'm very curious which helps in my study. - I sometimes spend hours researching on history that I don't need to know about
I wear and use diapers for sexual pleasure. v:v:v
I used to have a third nipple in my left armpit. I bit my teeth together and cut it off a few years back, 'cause it kept getting sore all the time.
I'm colorblind and I fly planes.
I have cystic fibrosis. Me and one of my friends spend almost all of our time thinking of ideas for different games.
I have an incredibly selective memory, I find it really difficult to remember things which occoured only a few months ago. I'm worried that it'l get worse as I grow older and eventually i'll forget everything that's ever meant anything to me. In spite of my terrible memory, im really happy with my own existance in this unfathomably awesome realm (people who think that life on this planet is boring need to get out more)
I have had a small red spec on the inside of my right-hand ring finger for as long as I remember. I have no idea why it's there or where it came from.
[QUOTE=Cyanlime;35763250]I have had a small red spec on the inside of my right-hand ring finger for as long as I remember. I have no idea why it's there or where it came from.[/QUOTE] It's where *it* bites you every night and sucks your blood.
-I can't induce lucid dreams but they happen to me a lot anyway -I'm sexually attracted to female Argonians but am not a furry/scalie/ordinarily attracted to non-humans -I have had one girlfriend -I can't play most games for shit but I still love all of them -I preordered a Legion action figure the moment I found out there was a site offering it. It still hasn't come and apparently ships in May
I weigh 365 lbs and look skinnier than my dad who weighs 230.
I once slid down some really freaking tall vineyards in Germany. On my ass.
I went to 3 different high schools, and never made terribly close friends at any of them. I've spent most of my life in the deep South but don't have an accent beyond one or two words. I've never grieved much over family deaths, but I'm fucking terrible at letting go of romantic relationships. I sometimes get extremely jealous. I have terrible acne. I enjoy driving fast. There's not much that sets me at ease better than an empty back road and some chill music on my radio. I can make better chicken sandwiches than Truett Cathy. I don't talk much apart from the people I'm most comfortable with. Some people get surprised when they hear me speak.
I blame myself for the lost of my best friend, who Ive known for 10 years, who was also my past boyfriend [sp]Tl;dr: Got ran over, right in front of me.[/sp]
I just took my PSU apart and repaired that motherfucker from the ground up with no prior knowledge of how it works, fuck yeah.
-I have a vision and hearing impairment. I still have both but they're not as good as they'd be with a normal person. -I can drive but with restrictions (no night-time driving, no highway driving). -I wear hearing aids. -I wear expensive, magnified glasses. -I'm bisexual.
[QUOTE=roody poo;35758707]I'm extremely apathetic. I sometimes feel that if someone close to me dies, I'd feel little to no emotion. It sometimes makes me feel like a heartless monster.[/QUOTE] I think it's better like that than me that just don't care about many people and is a selfish dick in reality. Better to feel like a heartless monster than to feel like a complete asshole..
I have webbed feet. It's my main attraction.
I can't tie my shoes or swim because of a promise I'm holding since I was 7 years old.
My age is not taken seriously after people see my unshaven face or hear my boring, monotone voice. No matter how hard I try, that awful cacophony can't sound exciting.
The nerves on one of my toes is busted and won't move by itself.
I got really tan and athletic over the summer. After my sports-season ended, I went back to living underground in pitch darkness.
-I have no life -almost anti social -lazy -Asian -underweight and short -I learn fast only if I want to give a shit.
-Never had a real relationship, or gone much anywhere with a girl -I find most people unattractive because a good majority of people lack being genuine it seems. -As a result of the above, i have the irrational fear that i will continue to be alone due to things such as bad luck -my early adolescence was mostly marked by stress and depression ranging from many reasons mostly family and social factors. As a result, i've learned to deal with stress, and hardship and all sorts of bad situations in a clear and concise manner. So in a way I am glad(?) shit has been so shitty so far, made me stronger i guess. -I rarely get bored.
I was born in Siberia.
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