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Simple, I post 2 options, the next poster picks one of the 2 and submits his own. example Fried Chicken or Liver and so on so i'll start. Dick or Sperm?
Dick obviously Keep this thread open or lock it?
Open. Is OP a faggot or gay?
gayfag Paper or plastic?
plastic coke or pepsi
Since the cock above me didn't say any options, I'll go. Sex or bacon.
Sex Facepunch or Facebook?
Facepunch Punch in the nuts HARD or very quick gay sex?
NINJA´D Punch in the balls hard. Atleast i wont get aids. Indie or Mega advertised games?
Advertised. If it's MEGA advertised, it's probably good because they got enough money to MEGA advertise it. Having both of your kneecaps shot with no pain meds and no surgery for 5 years, or having your family painfully killed right infront of you.
Having both of my kneecaps shot with no pain meds and no surgery for 5 years, because I don't think I can handle the emotional pain of seeing my family getting killed. hamburgers or hot dogs?
Hamburgers School or work?
Work. Fat black men or anorexic African women?
Anorexic african women. Forced to visit 9gag for at least 4 hours everyday or eat a donkey with diarrhea's anus who has has been fed spicy rotten chicken.
9gag Am I gay or am I super gay?
Super gay Chicken or Fish
Fish. Fried chicken or steak?
steak Every human on earth starts to shit non stop flooding the earth in shit or every human on earth starts to urinate non stop causing the earth to become a massive sea of piss
The later, the piss one. Scotch Whisky or American Whiskey.
Scotch Daft punk or Prodigy ?
Daft Punk. Outlook or Gmail?
Gmail. Spit or Swallow
Swallow Blueberries or Raspberries?
Blueberries because i do't like any of them and like the colour blue. lifetime jail or death?
Death Team Fortress or Counter-Strike?
Team Fortress. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro?
Stalker, But I would rather have both. Your mom, or your sister.
Sister probably Pink or Purple?
Purple Nod or GDI?
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