• Pick Up The Nearest Book To You, Go To Page 45, The First Sentence Of That Page Describes Your Sex L
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"If Artemis had more of it, he could figure out how to contact LEP and persuade Holly to use her magic again" :quagmire:
"1. Synthesizing."
"Daniel woke up from a faint rustling sound."
[del][B]When operators of the same precedence appear in the same expression, they are evaluated from left to right (the same rule applied in arithmetic). [/B] Not bad.[/del] Wait, fuck, that's 44. [B] The ++ and -- operators might be new to you.[/B] Fuck!
[B]"For discussion with your tutor."[/B] my tutor can't even remember my name, I doubt he wants to discuss my sex life
"I opened my eyes. Deborah struggled mightily with a mouthful of eggs before she could speak." from Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay.
Fuck, nevermind
''The 7,000 islands of the Filippines are the last not-fully-discovered islands on our planet.'' Ooo sweet, gonna get exotic and new
The man know as "The Hit Man" was just that.
But more ghastly and terrible still was the slowness of my progress; for climb as I might, the darkness overhead grew no thinner, and a new chill as of haunted and venerable mould asailed me.
[QUOTE]Do not deny justice to your poor people in their lawsuits.[/QUOTE] The damn Bible just happened to be the nearest book to me.
"Everything was quiet until near morning."
Homestuck Vol.1 "You try to catch a gander through the KITCHEN WINDOW, but you can't see whole lot!"
"I frowned."
"In Turner Station, sometimes Elsie bolted from the house and ran through the street screaming." The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
"When the car in front of you moves, wait a little while until there is a fair distance between your two cars, then you'll be able to make up the gap by driving fairly quickly, thus creating the illusion that you are not stuck in slow-moving traffic." Sounds pretty kinky.
"Wat doe je met een historisch wrak op de bodem van de zee?" Hot.
At the same time, bicyclist B starts from a point with a displacement of 200 m and moves with a velocity of -2m/s
And even though I was a little bit insulted, I was also ridiculous with gratitude and I took off my clothes right there, in one smooth movement, unzipped that peach velvet to show a different kind of peach, a different kind of velvet.
"This is a homo novus - the next step in evolution,better adapted to the environment than us."
"it was [I]my[/I] fault. Men can also ensure, you know."
I alighted and was conducted to my solitary apartment to spend the evening as I pleased.
Let's see... "In Germany these grapes sometimes have a kind of mold on them, [I]Botrytis cinerea[/I], which the Germans call [I]Edelfaule[/I]." Erotic grape mold sex?
The clear-sighted missionary is able to focus on the humanity of converts and does not confuse alien customs with human souls, so that questions of dress, behavior, or diet do not become paramount.
"On the farm thus acquired John Ferrier built himself a substantial log-house, which received so many additions in succeeding years that it grew into a roomy villa." i don't know how to interpret this.
Wow "Absolutely pointless, seeing as your mother's charm does that already." What the hell man
[QUOTE=Region;34111611]"If Artemis had more of it, he could figure out how to contact LEP and persuade Holly to use her magic again" :quagmire:[/QUOTE] Oh hey, I read that! Awesome book. [editline]8th January 2012[/editline] I got this. [I]"When the litter is born, the kittens are ready to be fed"[/I] I am worried.
"My body reacted to her, helpless and demanding at the same time, and I had to fight to keep thoughts of her beauty from preoccupying me altogether." ...um (From [I]Grave Peril,[/I] third book of the Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher.)
"menu E, Fighting for god" Ok then(history book)
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