• Pick Up The Nearest Book To You, Go To Page 45, The First Sentence Of That Page Describes Your Sex L
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"Could I hold my mom up by myself?"
[QUOTE=Dumb User;35538528]Inheritance[/QUOTE] Same thing.
To improve performance, the decision is made to replace the hub with an Ethernet switch so that all users get dedicated 10-Mbps connections.
"We've all been through a lot of weird stuff." :quagmire:
Oh god. "But unfortunately, it was exactly 4 inches smaller than the Cayenne."
"People do say he warn't any too good to do it." Fuck you, Mark Twain.
"He had so many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines envied him."
"I stopped on the way, though, and picked up Ackley's hand, and gave him a big phony handshake." What the fuck Catcher in the Rye
I was very worried at first but after hitting page 45... I'm cool with this; [B]Affordable ~ Luxury ~ Lifestyle ~[/B] [I]Excellence in Design with a Prestigious Address[/I] :smug:
"I am not exaggerating at all." Nenneke spread a greenish mush smelling sharply of eucalyptus over the wound. Sexy
I don't have a book next to me. :suicide:
''There are various ways to measure the earthquakes magnitude''
Bioshock 2 Deco Devolution : Big Daddies What
"He felt nothing else, he saw nothing else."
A Theory of Fun for Game Design: "the game becomes boring." Only sentence on that page.
"help me up" Fith got him to his feet and propped him against the bow rail. - Prospero Burns I like where this is going
"For convenience, the charges of atomic and subatomic particles are usually expressed as multiples of this charge rather than in coulombs." -twelfth edition "Chemistry the Central Science"
"I saw that he was making fun of me, but I went on all the same." -Jules Vern, Journey to the Center of the Earth [editline]24th April 2012[/editline] Okay, so A: Gay B: Made fun of during sex C: Don't care just keep fucking.
"He enjoyed parties and particularly the company of attractive women." :v:
"children circle around him laughing and teasing him" Fuck....
"As if a sign from Allah that his course was true..." Tom clancy - dead or alive oh god what
"She shared a room with girls older than herself, and was initiated into the pleasures of champagne and chocolate and the waltz." Shan Sa - The Girl Who Played Go oh my
1. Which substance can be decomposed chemically? (A) Ammonia (B) Iron (C) Hydrogen (E) Fluorine Ok.
"That signal, one long blast, is the one we use when things are bad." What?
The day I goofed I had simulated sergeant's chevrons and was armed with simulated A-bomb rockets to use in simulated darkness against a simulated enemy. I dunno, I think it sounds pretty cool.
"I should have used the bloody sword." Welp.
This will give you a lifetime of pleasure as long as you make sure that you don't put any books in the case, clothes in the wardrobe or paper on the desk
"I smash with my foot these eyes of yours." Goddammit Shakespeare, this is seriously fucking kinky.
"Hey, what's up?"
"Om du ökar skärmens ljusstyrka minskar batteritiden tvärtom" Right...
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