• Was Facepunch forums hacked ...
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It was hacked right? Because surely such a popular forum wouldn't want to look so god damn aweful... [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/15qyt83.jpg[/IMG] [editline]12th July 2011[/editline] -Addition Before some idiot gets the wrong idea. I should add I obviously know it wasn't hacked and just felt like commenting on how stupid it looks.
nope. it was just just garry
Im sick of the constant changes
It's just Garry trying to fix stuff that isn't broken in the first place.
[QUOTE=Sergeant Stacker;31065321]It's just Garry trying to fix stuff that isn't broken in the first place.[/QUOTE] Just like Youtube then
I will tell you what happen. Garry happen
[QUOTE=Dr.Scrake;31065393]Just like Youtube then[/QUOTE] There is a difference between developing a new interface with a beta phase and changing a forum to look ugly and stupid. As a note, I do hate the new youtube interface as well ;). But I'm just angry about new things and I'm sure I'll get used to it. The facepunch ones are simply aesthetically ugly and less practical.
We have a thread for all that [URL]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1104512-Ask-us-about-the-forums-v15-Super-Turbo-HD-Remix[/URL]
When I opened FP, this was my reaction [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juFZh92MUOY[/media]
Your account was hacked right Pantho? Surely no one would ever make such a horrendous thread.. Seriously though, that screenshot is mid-maintenance, and therefore irrelevant It's cleaned up now, and I like the new setup tbh
[QUOTE=Dr.Scrake;31065393]Just like Youtube then[/QUOTE] And TF2.
[QUOTE=MintyMginty;31071394]And TF2.[/QUOTE] You'd get bored fast if it weren't for all the amazing new weapons and hats and shit that was added over the years.
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