• I'm making a game and have no idea what to name it.
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Hinga Dinga Durgan: A Rough Introduction to Pillaging
King of Asguard/ Einharjar :v:
[QUOTE=jeimizu;37953239][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/P0x55.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] Slottbrak
Violence in Valhalla
Path to Valhalla
Vik Inc.
[QUOTE=adam1172;37982490]Vik Inc.[/QUOTE] Would be awesome for a viking time business(raiding) sim :v:
What about Fimbulvetr/Fimbulvinter? It's the name of the harsh winter that preludes Ragnarok, three successive winters with no intervening summer. During that time, there would be countless wars and no respect for ties of blood; next of kin would lay together, and brothers would kill brothers. That's Fimbulvetr in a nutshell; bitter winter, everything goes down the crapper, with blood, death and incest galore.
[QUOTE=Raijin;37981654]Slottbrak[/QUOTE] Jag gillar det, men det finns inga slott I think Midgard Mayhem is the winner.
Raiders of Ragnarok
[QUOTE=cdr248;37954158]War of the Winters[/QUOTE] Holy shit I always wanted a war fought over me! [editline]11th October 2012[/editline] [QUOTE=D3TBS;37957429]Viking Winters[/QUOTE] My Scandinavian twin.
The game name generator gave me Depressing Tennis in the Dark :/ I wanted something cool and Scandinavian, but now I'm just sad
[QUOTE=IliekBoxes;37954429]Pillage the Village[/QUOTE] I think that has been taken.
Testosterone: The Game
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