• When was the last time you cried, and why?
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Get your tissues out people! We all cry sometimes. Some do it regularly, some almost never cry. Some shed silent tears, some weep out loudly. Do you remember the last time you cried? I do, it was at my grandads funeral. I guess i never really connected with him when i was young, and when i got older he was almost gone from alzeimhers. But he has always been there in the background, and losing him was like losing a bottom brick in a wall. I try not to think too much about it, life goes on. Real men are not afraid to cry, so tell me, when did you last cry? Edit: Hearts for everyone!
When I studded my toe on the door...nobody saw.
When I lost my toy truck. Yesterday.
Broke down in the middle of a class because I had, at the time, gotten a girl pregnant and people were judging me for it. I was almost entirely helpless aside from the support of my friends. [editline]9th June 2012[/editline] She had an abortion last sunday however. Still recoverin'
When Edd Gould died (25 march 2012)
In 2009 when my mom got arrested and my grandpa said I had to live with him legally, and he lives pretty far away from my friends and my dad. Things worked out fine tho, he let me live with my dad until my mom got out at the end of 2010.
I cried when my brother caught me smoking and he was telling me really depressing stuff. What made me cry in the end was him saying "dont fucking cry, be a fucking man" Then i just thought "dontfuckingcrydontfuckingcry" but you know what that does. it makes you cry.
Few months ago, when I got bad grades..
Last summer when i had a huge fight with my mom and she gave me a guilt trip never seen by man. She even threatened with suicide and god knows what.
Last year, when i was diagnosed diabetes. And few times after that for same reason.
When my uncle died a few months ago.
The week that I got dumped. Not cause I got dumped, but the chain of events that followed. -Got dumped -parents got in a huge fight that night, dad got a hotel room, mom went to a friends house -learn the next day that they might be getting a divorce -friend gets in a car wreck -almost lost my job -lunch was catered by my ex's favorite restaurant -dog gets hit by a car and dies as my brother (it was his dog) gets off the bus <-- it was here that I finally just broke down and cried All of that occured in 5 days time. It felt like I was just being held down and kicked by everyone and everything. It was unending, relentless. I was seriously getting ready for a family member to die because that was just about the only way it could have gotten any worse.
Like 2 nights ago, I think it was just because my mum was playing the emotional sort of music and then it got me thinking, like a build up of many emotions and things playing on my mind. Particularly things related to friendships, relationships, leaving school, health problems.
Last week when a friend of mine got pregnant and killed herself with pills.
About 2 hours ago when I got the news my brother jumped off a 9 story high balcony.
6 Days ago, because my Civil Partnership ended.
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I haven't cried in a few years. I just can't. I feel like I want to, but there's no way to just get it out there. I dream about crying sometimes, odd stuff.
Being depressed. today, a few hours ago.
Got made fun of for my looks and got ditched on prom night. Then I found out that the girl that I planned on asking out tonight is taken. Not really crying, but on the verge of it. I'm so upset right now.
wednesday morning, girlfriend had broken up with me the night before and i was listening to "wish you were here." not sure why but the second verse just struck me funny. first time i had cried in years.
I last cried a couple of weeks ago when my dog had to be put down because she had a stoke and just couldn't go on. I took the last picture of her in my moms arms when she was frail and could barely move. She looked so scared and helpless. I cried like a bitch after my dad and mom left with her.
Either it was when I dreamed that my mother had died because I was unable to save her from something (don't quite remember what it was) or when I was lying in bed and realized there was no hope left to leave the friendzone of the big love. Which I left now, as said before.
I was infuriated when I was kicked out of my RuneScape clan that I had been a member of for over [B]7 years[/B]. Just proves that no matter how crappy the coding is, other people are what make a community and they have the power to make it fun or not. Two days later, it turns out the new asshole of a clan leader who kicked me had been banned from the game for duplicating items. The old clan leader was going to retire from gaming in general because of his sons death in the Norway Youth Massacre but he logged in one more time to un-permaban me and make me the new clan leader. At that point I shed a [I]single[/I] tear because of the sheer generosity and feeling of acceptance that this wonderful minority had given me. Btw, I have some really awesome friends in real life too but since they aren't really passionate gamers (90% of my school just talks about Bleach, Jersey Shore and memes), the only people I can converse with about games is my clan.
About 2 months ago when I realized that I'm unwanted and incapable of finding a relationship and that nobody knows how to make friends, they instead just cling to the ones they've had since elementary school. Life sucks and I've just learned to take it in.
I had a happy cry like 2 days ago but a sad cry was a few months ago when I broke up with my first ever boyfriend.
Was in danger of failing two classes, girlfriend left me, parent's weren't helping Week or so ago
When I heard that my brother was going to Afghanistan this November.
[QUOTE=SockFC;36266453]When I heard that my brother was going to Afghanistan this November.[/QUOTE] I've had three friends of mine go to Iraq or Afghanistan, on the ground as Marines or Corpsmen. All of them have come back without a scratch. Don't worry about your brother being in danger for such a long time, him and all those around him have been specially trained to do their job and come home safely.
I watched my dog die right in front my eyes. I didn't cry instantly. I guess I was too shocked. I cried the next day.
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