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I'll start. I hate how at my schools computers, they have Firefox and IE, out of instinct I choose Firefox and IT'S FUCKING BLOCKED BY ADMIN so I have to use shitty IE WTF schools...
Spider-man 3
When game companies put in ridiculous DRM on the PC version.
*On steam, and a friend comes online* Oh hey one of my friends came online we should totally play a game together! *In chat* "Hey dude lets play some games!" *Friend is now offline*
When I save a save-state in a game and like 0,2 seconds after that save I get killed by something and when the save-state gets loaded I get killed again because I have no time to avoid getting killed.
Valve ruining tf2
Being pestered by people on steam trying to get me to play games with them all the time.
The "Dont complaing, its free" idiots.
When people bullshit me. I don't care if you think it's for my own good, let me get the whole picture and decide for myself.
[QUOTE=Hardpoint Nomad;28158932]I'll start. I hate how at my schools computers, they have Firefox and IE, out of instinct I choose Firefox and IT'S FUCKING BLOCKED BY ADMIN so I have to use shitty IE WTF schools...[/QUOTE] firefox works for me but what pisses me off is that the libary lady can watch our screens from her pc and even take control of our computer and exit the page you are on...
The fact that I finally managed to ask out the girl I love, and she said yes. "But Mr Shadyaface, that sounds like great news!" You cry. Yes, i say, it IS great news. It is slightly ruined, however, by the fact that I entered into a relationship with ANOTHER girl about a month ago, and now I have to somehow get rid of her without looking like an asshole." Fun...
When people interchange lag and low frame rate indiscriminately.
When people whine about electronics/computers/video games/etc. AKa, almost every post above made me sort of mad.
People double-clicking internet links
When kids 10-2 play mature video games. Also when people can't use proper grammar, punctuation, or spelling.
When people can't tell the difference between their, there, and they're. It REALLY isn't hard.
People who play unbelievably badly in team or co-op games and get the team killed while asking how to heal as medic.
when people start arguments over other's opinions and beliefs instead of accepting them.
i get mad when my shit doesnt want to flush down the toilet
Cop haters?
When people are unwilling to question or change what they believe. There are certainly areas in which I believe something because I want to believe in it, and I find that to be enough justification to ignore facts. Laugh tracks. The really make shows dull. It's difficult for me to tune them out. Debates over definition, such as where life starts, in the womb or out of the womb, or at some defined time during the pregnancy. There is no rational discourse in that and it gets away from the meat of the debate. Not being able to do stuff because of epilepsy.
Ugh, don't even get me started. I'm head of the tech department of my journalism class, and the director recently blew half of the budget on brand new macbooks for the class. Not those brushed aluminum pro's, oh no. Just the entry level white plastic POS that Apple usually sucks customers in with. Recently, she approached me with a question: "Why aren't these computers running [yearbook program] as fast as those 1 year old Windows boxes? She's talking about the nearly new quadcore Intel machines that the school got for us for the yearbook editing a year ago. I told her that these laptops don't have the same power as the desktops, and are more meant for portability, while the desktops were meant for raw power. She responds: "But Macs are supposed to be faster than Windows, right?" I sigh. I feel bad for people like this, since they think that big price tags mean better performance, when I can get a computer half the cost for twice the performance if I went with Windows over Apple. Another reason to stay away from fruit.
When I am waiting to turn right out of a driveway and 10 cars are coming, and all of them turn into the driveway without a turn signal. Another one would be when you are at a stop sign and you want to go straight, and you start going, but the person across from you, without a turn signal, turns in front of you. Shit is not only annoying, but dangerous.
Thinking about how far ahead in the world we would be without petty religeous fighting. Columbus wouldn't have been landing in America, he would be landing on Mars.
People who get to tournament level in video games then make new accounts to pick on new people.
When game-developers ports something from console to PC, and thus making it really unoptimized and unplayable. Look at GTA IV, for example.
Games that force you to use fullscreen, or when windowed trap the mouse. [editline]20th February 2011[/editline] ex gta morrowind oblivion
The school computer blocking "entertainment" or "humour" sites. How can someone legitimately think that's a reason for blocking sites?
how most mainstream music is absolute shit. [B]EDIT:[/B] and the fact that all emo/modern rock music sounds the same
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