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Spiders and their amazing senses. Every fucking time I try to catch/kill the bastards on a wall or something, I wait 5 minutes to make sure they don't move, and when I finally try to attack they immediately move enough that all I manage to do is knock them off the wall, scare the shit out've me, then disappear. Fucking hate them.
I hate people that are elitist over music. "Oh, you like bluegrass, country, and rock. But not rap, pop, and other generic shit we listen too?. i'm sorry, I thought you were cool." I'd rather listen to this [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRG0Yor_GRA&feature=related[/media] Than this retarded bullshit [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ohYsK5Y8Dc&feature=artistob&playnext=1&list=TLTiWKsdl6NaY[/media]
Shit that takes too long to come out and hurts. It feels i'm shitting a meteor, and when it comes out it's just a tiny pebble. [editline]22nd February 2011[/editline] Also people that bitch about optional stuff. Stop eating that bag of shit if you're just gonna cry about it.
When people mistake punk music for emo and vise-versa. When people are presented with facts that erode the very foundation of their beliefs, and proceed to ignore it. When people think they are smart just because thy spout their parent's philosophy.
When this fat black girl who could get away with being named "Laqueesha" or "Lafonda" comes into class blaring her music through her headphones.
1. For some reason whenever my mom uses a touch screen or pad she puts her pointer finger over her middle finger. I don't know why but it just pisses me off whenever I see it or think about it. 2. When people repeatedly text you when you dont respond to any of them. (I had a gay guy text me hey 8 times and I didn't respond to any of them.) Take a damn hint 3. When if you dont respond to a text within 3 minutes the person resends the same exact fucking text. Can you really not wait? 4. When I have to repeat shit because the person was too fucking stupid to listen the first time 5. When you sent someone a message or text and all they reply is a "?". Its like, what the fuck do you want me to respond to that. Are you confused about something? Fucking actually take the time and ask me a question. 6. When people use "lol". Just frustrates me. 7. When people dis something before they actually try it. For example, me and my friends were playing this game called Heroscape, its this nerdy looking board game and my other friend would always be like "You guys gun go pay wif ur lil draguns and vikins, lol". Ok, you mother fucker, its not like I actually fucking believe in dragons and shit its a fucking game. You should probably try it. 8. When people walk so slow in the halls. I know you don't give a damn about anything, but I do. Can you move, fat ass? 9. When people ask me for money/food. I dont give a damn if you reaaaalllly want candy, you should have actually thought about something before you came to school this morning. 10. (Added) Hoop earings on girls. Doesn't improve appearance. Thats all I can think of right now.
superman 64
[QUOTE=BlueYoshi;28193405]He said anime fans (not weaboos) are attentionwhores. I dont dress up, I just watch anime sometimes.[/QUOTE] Did he say your name? And he didn't say all furries/anime fans are attention whores. You're one of them, seeing as you had to reply just to say that you're an anime fan and you're offended for no reason.
1.Twilight 2.13 yr old cod "Players" with mics that have to scream like a dying cat every time they die 3.People who ask me for money 4.People who shove in crowded halls 5.Drivers who get 3 inchs away from my car 6.People who ask about news that happened 6 months ago 7.When someone tells me to calm down when im already calm 8.Idiots who decide to walk in the street when I drive 9.When you reach under a table for somthing and theres a eutopia of gum under it 10. People who use LOL exessively 11.Country music 12.When my comp freezes 13.Fake links that lead to random "Scare sites" 14.People who keep txting me after I ignore them 15.When people say that gamers have no life and they then proceed to spend 13hrs on facebook
my dad
[QUOTE=slashsnemesis;28191305]People who cluster in one huge circlejerk in the middle of the hallway and only leave room enough for one person to walk through at a time.[/QUOTE] I love straight up going right into that cirle, entering and exiting it through the middle of them like they weren't even there, fucks their shit up
People who don't use headsets in Skype and you can hear EVERYTHING they're listening to.
my mom
When people insult me and expect me to shrug it off.
Overly competitive people that will cheat no matter what kind of game they're playing, and if they lose, they throw a fit. People who think they're always right and then start arguments, usually resulting in "I win, fuck you" Arrogance.
People asking me a question multiple times. Bonus anger points if its consecutive. [B]My answer will not change if you ask the question again. So stop.[/B]
homophobes, die-hard christians, when people step in front of you in line at the store and you go "um, I'm in line" and they ignore you
[QUOTE=Amplified31;28169960]People that think that weed is the worst thing in the fucking world and will rape and murder your children. Black people that literally fucking clog the entire fucking hallways in my school so it's damn near impossible to get to class. Then, when you try to squeeze through they're like "y0 NIIGGA WUT daA fuc MAN Y u bE stEppin oN mYYYY ShoessssSSS cr@KA ASSSsssss". I know this sounds racist but trust me, if you only knew what it's like. Such is a life in a Virginian school.[/QUOTE] That happens to me all the time. Just push through aggressively, and say excuse me in a really deep voice.
[QUOTE=General Omega;28193453]The kind of shit that when you think are done and get up to wash your hands, you need to go again.[/QUOTE] this all the fucking time.
[QUOTE=Mister Sandman;28199304]When people insult me and expect me to shrug it off.[/QUOTE] faggot
[QUOTE=XZXk;28198884] 4.People who shove in crowded halls [/QUOTE] Sometimes you have to shove. People like to congregate in the fucking middle of the hall and chat in between classes and people who are serious about getting in class in time need to shove. It's fucking irritating when people form a horizontal line in the middle of the hall while they walk as slow as fucking shit, too. Then they just ignore you when you say 'excuse me'. Sometimes shoving is necessary.
Hoarders. "Ms. Hailey, you have an 8-ounce piece of meat rotting under your rug, do you want me to throw it out?" [I]"...Noooooooo!"[/I] Fucking slobs.
Close minded idiots, people who have personal beliefs that interfere with the lives of others Example: Some kid at my school has very conservative parents and they forbade him from reading an assigned book because the author is homosexual. Oh my god it makes me rage
Black girls who act [B]very, [I]very[/I][/B] stereotypical. Example: "Do you mind speaking quieter" *An extremely fast and impossible to understand response filled with swear words* No, TH89, I'm not a racist. I just hate people are stereotypical and don't even try to not be.
[QUOTE=Monty Pie-thon;28194359]My cat's constant purring at my door everynight really pisses me off.[/QUOTE] You can't be mad, George, you're dead D:
Also, someone told me the Beatles were having a reunion tour. I sternly told her that she's fucking retarded and informed her of half of the band's current state ;_;
2 faced people. Backstabbers. Which is ironic because my idol is the Tf2 spy.
[QUOTE=Shoupie;28199576]Sometimes you have to shove. People like to congregate in the fucking middle of the hall and chat in between classes and people who are serious about getting in class in time need to shove. It's fucking irritating when people form a horizontal line in the middle of the hall while they walk as slow as fucking shit, too. Then they just ignore you when you say 'excuse me'. Sometimes shoving is necessary.[/QUOTE] I think what he means is when there's no room to go anywhere and some fuckwit behind you thinks it's funny to try and push you over.
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