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Electronic songs that have one thing going on for too long can really irritate me. I also hate it when I get blamed for something I haven't done. And I hate it when internet just quits on me for no reason.
I rage when someone drinks all my Dr. Pepper.
[QUOTE=Shoupie;28199576]Sometimes you have to shove. People like to congregate in the fucking middle of the hall and chat in between classes and people who are serious about getting in class in time need to shove. It's fucking irritating when people form a horizontal line in the middle of the hall while they walk as slow as fucking shit, too. Then they just ignore you when you say 'excuse me'. Sometimes shoving is necessary.[/QUOTE] What I mean is shoving not to get in or out but to piss other off and get away with it or just to mess with someone and create a chain push or some crap IE: The other day I was going to class upstairs and I was on the stairs and it was backed up and it was to the point where i was about to fall off the bloody thing because some assholes on the upper part of the stairs decided it was a good time to mess around
I hate how every Halo Reach and BlOps video is a God damn sniping montage I also hate when people call games like CoD realistic, especially when they make bullshit claims against Halo
When I have to repost a request in a thread over and over again because people are too busy being off-topic to try and help me with something important.
[QUOTE=d00msdaydan;28200795]I hate how every Halo Reach and BlOps video is a God damn sniping montage I also hate when people call games like CoD realistic, especially when they make bullshit claims against Halo[/QUOTE] Halo is the realistic game not CoD. I mean damn people, this is so obvious.
[QUOTE=Time Pardox;28183006]This is what I feel like whenever I click on a link tagged with nsfw on this site. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SMt6fFtqzA&feature=feedf[/media][/QUOTE] [img]http://emotibot.net/pix/194.png[/img]
I have to say a lot of the posts in this thread reveal a lot of negative things about the posters.
When it rains I wanna go outside but when it is nice out all i wanna do is stay in...
[QUOTE=BluFox;28198540] 4. When I have to repeat shit because the person was too fucking stupid to listen the first time [/QUOTE] this all the fucking time also One of my friends that are black (me no racist pls) is in my class, and some kid think it's funny to whistle and the teacher yells at my friend, i mean I even saw him not whistling, jesus shit. People who say "LOL OWNED BITCH I FUKKEN PAWNED YOU QUICKSCOPE LOLOLOL I'M A PR0 ELITE", just shut the fuck up, no one cares, the only time I say that shit is when I'm playing a private match sniper only lobby with my friends.
people at my school who talk about getting drunk as fuck after school and going to partys and all that stupid shit
I hate when I don't know the answer to some random question, and the person that asked me says, "You're supposed to be smart."
This bullshit right here [img]http://www.inkdryerdesign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/reald-3d-glasses.jpg[/img] Everyone in my school pops the lenses out and uses them to look "HIP"
Dumbass 14 year old white kids who think that Rastafarianism means that you smoke Marijuana. Example: [B]Dipshit:[/B] Yo dawg, smoke weed erryday! Rasta forever! [B]Me:[/B] Do you even know what Rastafarianism is? [B]Dipshit:[/B] It means that you smoke weed dumbass! [B]Me:[/B] Actually no, it was a religious zionist movement started in the 1960's. [B]Dipshit:[/B] No it isn't, I'll pop a cap in your ass. [B]Me:[/B] Seriously, get out.
I hate it when my friend asks me to buy her a something just because i have money. Its mine, for fuckin crying out loud. Do you want me to starve and barely get through the day? I also hate it when my friend thinks that he "hacks" just because he knows stuff about SUBMARINES AND AIRPLANES. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK MAN. I also hate it when the same friend thinks that when I call him sexy in a joking matter, he says that he isnt interested. I know, its a god damn joke. I also hate it when someone is supposed to give me something, doesn't, says "oohh durr i forgot lol ill bring it tomorrow" and doesn't, continuing the cycle. When people go "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" when they are talking about "KWIK SCOEPIG" in Call of Duty, and how "good they are just because they play on EGGSBAWKS TREE SSIKSTY". I also hate my friend who thinks that Communism is the best thing in the world. He also says "because cancer" or "because puppy cancer" when i ask him something. That same friend is a prick, and leeches off of me, thinks that he is the best in the world, and that his older brother is a prick just because he isnt nice to him all the time.
Anime White people trying to act like black people Furries Dogs Loud dogs Small dogs Lasagna The grime in the corner of the bath tub Cockroaches Big spiders Rich people asking me for money Overpriced drinks in vending machines Overpriced food in vending machines Vending machines Newgrounds Newgrounds forums <13 year olds California Southern California Nationalists Denmark People from Denmark Fake accents Spam Spammers Male enhancement pills Jocks Techno Dubstep Rich people People who can get A+'s on tests without studying Skittles Headaches Migraines People that cheat off others, but rage at you for cheating off them People who cheat off my papers but get mad at me when they fail People that insult my family People that I don't know that insult me jokingly People touching me Things touching my neck Being sticky Being unorganized Being overly organized People saying you smell, but they're the one that smells Weaboo's Internet women that act like they're special just because they're a girl People who brag Number stations People who take Marblehornets seriously Tall people Short people Twilight Deadmau5 My bookbag falling apart People shooting me with airsoft guns but get pissed when I shoot back When I wait a week for an airsoft gun to come and it's broken Plastic China Oregon Washington State Fat people who ridicule others People who fail in school, but call you dumb Failing in school Books Schoolbooks Loud noises Heat Humidity Living in the south east Hot food that takes forever to cool down Cold food that tastes like shit heated up in a microwave Youtube comments Youtube members Liars Cheaters Hackers Gold members Hezzy Lithifold British people who make up charts about how Britain is better New /b/ New Anonymous /wg/ reposts Every post in the LMAO pics thread Esteam Atokiniro People who judge a game by graphics People who watch porn for the story Pornos with a storyline 3 minute pornos The new Simpsons People who think they're funny by saying that the pope molests little boys but in fact they don't know- -SHIT Public transportation Bees Ants The sun The sky Sunglasses that fall off Glass-less glasses Hipsters Homework Bad teachers People that drop a fucking 10 pound BOOK on your head when you fall asleep in class People that sue everyone Republicans Democrats V-necks EFLC being so LAGGY People who grab my soda in class and shake it up when I'm not looking Soda exploding when you open it Police who took me down to the station for having an airsoft gun WITH the orange tip on Curfews The afternoon The night MONDAYS TUESDAYS WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS SUNDAYS Biology Being in a tech class and I still can't understand shit People that lose your shit, but make up an excuse People that break your shit, but make up an excuse People that steal your shit, and make up an excuse Loud black people People that look really young People that say I look really young Sweating My deoderant bottle exploding People hiding my bookbag Bells Alarms Roleplay rp_downtown_v2 Rednecks Yuppies Raccoons Doors without locks Small bedrooms Shitty mattresses Litter boxes Dumbasses who think they should have their conversation in the middle of the hall, blocking it completely off Dumbasses who think they should have their conversation right in front of my locker, blocking it Dumbasses Snot Noses Freckles "Beauty" marks Women driving a car Money getting stuck in machines People who smoke on the bus People who drink on the bus People who fart on the bus Farts Feces The smell of feces Maggots Mice Gerbils Hamsters Guinea pigs Pigs Fat white people Fat women Hairy butt holes Warm pillows Broken AC's Time going by slow Time going by way too fast LOUD NOISES Perfume Fake women with lots of makeup Fake breasts Large real breasts Moles Hair on moles Pubic hair Ingrown pubic hair Ingrown toenails Tight socks Loose socks Tight boxers Loose boxers Tight clothes Loose clothes Facepunch being slow Internet being slow People who think they're cool for smoking (anything) People who think they're cool for drinking liquor I could go on for hours...
I also hate admins who abuse their power (Both on Facepunch and on servers in games) or just do generally shitty stuff that nobody wants to see or take part in.
[QUOTE=JolKally;28201323]This bullshit right here [img_thumb]http://www.inkdryerdesign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/reald-3d-glasses.jpg[/img_thumb] Everyone in my school pops the lenses out and uses them to look "HIP"[/QUOTE] Hey man go fuck yourself those things are so hip right now, I'm wearing them right now as I listen to The Ramones and Lady Gaga
[quote]Hezzy[/quote] I see what you did there.
Michael bay's movies.
online multiplayer gaming
Habbofags get me mad Fucking habbo
People who say defense is more important to basketball than offense. I've been on this argument for years.
When people censor their own messages. eg "A$$ F%*# SHI**".
[QUOTE=riku2211;28159804]When people can't tell the difference between their, there, and they're. It REALLY isn't hard.[/QUOTE] i've learned not to give a shit about this. half the time you can't discern the person from an idiot or just having english as their second language.
[QUOTE=Ermac20;28201230]people at my school who talk about getting drunk as fuck after school and going to partys and all that stupid shit[/QUOTE] This, fucking this. Just the other day I was in a group with a kid and he kept talking about how he gets high and drunk at the same time. He kept calling it cross-faded. The kid looks like he's twelve and is really short which also adds to the comedy. He's the perfect example of a person you want to punch in the face.
People who call other people hipsters for liking [b]good[/b] music.
When me and my friend play guitar, every time I teach him a song, he adds/subtracts a note, and doesn't even attempt to fix it, and just says "sounds close enough". I get really OCD when it comes to music.
People who fuck around in class 24/7 and then blame the teacher when they don't understand anything a couple months later. (Seriously, people I know might've changed school for that reason.)
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