• The avatar above you slaps your ass. How do you react?
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what are you doing man/girl? you're a child/old lady/dragon. that's no way to behave.
I just walk away terrified.
That left a little sizzle with it
Give him food.
my avatar pretty much sums up my reaction
Smoking is bad for your health
Ponder whether or not I'd get charged with child abuse if I hit back.
Probably dance with her.
I'll switch your blade
Hey, you're not Rocket.
I'm sorry, but I'm not the droid you're looking for.
You lost your way?
I guess I have a new master now
Have an allergic reaction to cat hair..
I hope you like 9mm bullets on your plate, because that is what you get for breakfast now.
Wonder why the cops are here in the first place.
Slap the tits
oh boy... i guess I would say Hi Jake
i always knew you were gay skeletor
I'd just feel pity. Imagine being a ruined painting after being good for a buttcheek load of years.
Well thats fucking creepy
Oh shit. Jailbait?
My ass would be flattened like an ironing board
I'd pat its casing.
*Sweats Loudly*
im gay
I can't believe Coyote Peterson fucking died.
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