• Turns out you were adopted and the poster's avatar above your post is your real mom. React
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Hey mum.
Dayum mum, you look hot
mom what the fuck are you
I always knew megaman was my real mom
I knew it.
This can't be true!
So apparently I spawned out of a cup of coffee. Who would have know?
I guess when my GF breaks up with me I can get my mother to ram her
Dreaming about secretly being adopted at night
Well, that makes a little bit of sense.
This does not make any sense at all D:
she is safer now due to the fact that I dont like coffee.
My mother can be my bodyguard since she is bowser :P
Oh hey mom.
Great, mom's gonna keep me up at night.
At least she can teach me how to dance.
[QUOTE=KOS-MOS;46604540]Oh hey mom.[/QUOTE]
A mother and a fighter. Cool.
[QUOTE=KOS-MOS;46604901]A mother and a fighter. Cool.[/QUOTE] At least I can rely on my mother to wake me up.
Then how come I can't breathe fire?
Hello mum!
True engineers born from coffee!
I always suspected I was born in a lab, anyway
Can I be disowned, please?
[QUOTE=Furioso;46609613]Can I be disowned, please?[/QUOTE]
Holy shit I DID actually spawn from a cup of coffee!
I always knew I was a pangender goatkin!
I would never guess my mom was double Hitler.
aw dammit i was double adopted...
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