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I'll give you a hat.
I'll give you two hats.
I'll give you seven hats
I'll give you a blowjob while wearing a hat
Eight hats and a blowjob.
9 hats and a blowjob for each dick
I'll give you 3 scrap metal and a jarate
Eight hatjobs and a blow.
I will fuck your dog
I'll kill you whilst sucking your dick wearing a tower of hats
I will jump off the twin towers on a dick while wearing a hat
I will give you nothing.
I'll give you a crate that may or may not have a hat inside.
I'll give you the dick.
I'll give you 90 million burning hats with a cake that says, "Fuck you."
I will give you boxes
:( [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] I'm only asking for £13
[QUOTE=JakeAM;37318244]:( [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] I'm only asking for £13[/QUOTE] Really mate? £13 or # hats and 1+ blowjobs? I think you need to get your priorities straight.
pff give it to me instead im a fucking indie dev,unreal script and i have over 140$ in amazon becouse my pro code IM OBVIOUSLY THE BEST PERSON HERE
If anyone is ACTUALLY interested. Add me on Steam ¬.¬
I'll give you 13. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Rupees.
I'll give you a real Fedora. And you have to promise me to wear it practically any time you're in public. You'll get tons of ladies. Seriously. I'm not lying. Do it.
I'll draw you a wacky picture in MS paint
ill give you my virginity,tf2 hats,vintage items AND my friendship
ILL GIVE YA AN PREIUM ACCOUNT FOR centration! im serious here tough
That and £10 :D
pieclock loves rating dumb, he must want it
I thought £13 was cheap...
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