• First word you said in 2010?
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"Huh?" Someone woke me up in time after passing out.
Spoken: Yin (-Yang - the symbol was displayed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a bit) Typed: Happy
"Felix [sit annus novus]"
Happy new year.
I said "Fuck off"
I said two words, go away. My sister woke me up at 1am so she could play Guitar Hero. :argh:
I think it was something along the lines of "oh jesus fucking christ" I was contemplating revision for modules.
"Happy new year"
My first word was 'what time is it', because the pilot of the damn aeroplane flashed the cabin lights and shouted 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!', while I and several other people were sleeping.
"Cider is disgusting"
fuck off 2009.
I said "Happy"
I remeber calling "dibs" quite a few times
lets me go got sum eggnog
First Word : Happy Words after : new year.
Almost certainly said "Happy"
"Wow, this song is boring" I was playing Guitar Hero 4.
I yelled out 'Happy' Then the random next to me looked at me and said you're 15 seconds off... ffffffffarrk
Get in there, now where the fuck is my champagne you dumb bitch. :)
i haven't spoken yet. going to say penis on xbox live soon.
That. The sentence was "That florence bitch on TV can't sing."
Happy new year *insert name of whoever I hugged first*
Fuck, I can't sleep.
I sighed after I finished fapping. Sighing isn't a word but meh
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