• How big is your penis?
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[QUOTE=CaMpEr_DoOd;24862167]Depends on which hand you wank with, right hand makes it go left, left hand makes it go right. Not 100% accurate but it's pretty much how it works.[/QUOTE] No, that's not how it works.
I'm Asian.
1 lightyear, I fap with black holes :smug:
Never measured it.
5.5" or something
I dont measure my dick
Ask your mom.
negative 10 meter
Two inches. From the ground.
My penis is so big it reaches from A - Z on the keyboard!
Like bloody half an inch normal, 5 when erect. Fuck if I care if I'm average, I like it and I can use it.
[QUOTE=David Tennant;24858976]Mine is 7" normally, 11" when erect.[/QUOTE] Yeah mine too, I usually wield it with 2 hands and sword-fight with it too. [editline]07:20PM[/editline] But seriously, I can't be the only one that has never measured his dick, right?
Like 5 inches when non-erect. Like 6 1/2 when flaccid.
6 inches which is dead average in america
16.5 cm erect
[QUOTE=tommofandan;24864857]Like 5 inches when non-erect. Like 6 1/2 when flaccid.[/QUOTE] Flaccid and non-erect mean the same thing.
5 inches flatulent. 4 inches hard.
Why the fuck are you asking?
[QUOTE=ScruffyMcpoodle;24865113]5 inches flatulent.[/QUOTE] What
[QUOTE=ScruffyMcpoodle;24865113]5 inches flatulent. 4 inches hard.[/QUOTE] I think you meant "flaccid". Flatulent isn't what I would imagine a state of a dick.
I think we're going to see at least one dick picture in this thread.
about 4-5 inches erect
6 and a half to 7 [editline]09:27PM[/editline] Depends if i'm cold
[QUOTE=jesse194;24865527]about 4-5 inches erect[/QUOTE]
2" From the ground.
15.5 centimeters aka 6 inches.
this big [editline]03:52PM[/editline] [QUOTE=jesse194;24865527]about 4-5 inches erect[/QUOTE]
15,5-16 cm erect :)
[QUOTE=DarkGog;24859791]1 lightyear.[/QUOTE] You don't measure a length of an object in time...
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