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Post inside jokes you have with your friends or family, WITHOUT context or explanation. IE, just say the joke in quotes as you would with your friends. GOGOGO! EDIT: TheFilmSlacker gave me an idea-if you really want to explain your jokes that bad, put them in the black-out thing who's name escapes me.
"I haven't seen something that nasty since my times in fifth grade."
lids lods lads
Stop being a Jerry yeah I don't get it ether, I'm on the outside
World's biggest poof-twink award.
Cheesecheesecheesecheesecheese [sp]A kid at my old junior high school got a blowjob when he was in eighth grade. His girlfriend told me that his jizz tasted like melted mozzerella cheese. He turned into a major cunt around his freshman year, so whenever he acted up, a lot of the guys around him start chanting "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" [/sp]
10:22 [sp] one time when me and a bunch of my friends were on xbox, one guy, alex, went to get something from his sisters room. he came back 30 seconds later, completely freaked out. he had walked in on his sister being anally fucked by her boyfriend for the first time. the time was 10:22 pm.[/sp]
You're not supposed to explain the jokes at all, people!
i think it makes it funnier
Why couldn't Jimmy enjoy his curry? Cause he was shot in the head by the 'RA.
This reminds me of the time I shoved that pickle up my ass. You would actually be suprised at what this really means.
What happens in the forest stays in the forest.
Yelling and screaming "Neil" or "Give it to me Neil" in public places. Same with screaming MOM!
Cumquat juicer
[QUOTE=ILY;35907282]GEYSANJEI![/QUOTE] [I]Some deaths take minutes, Some take hours, SOME TAKE YEARS[/I] [editline]10th May 2012[/editline] Wait......
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It really does make it a hell of a lot funnier when you explain the story. My friends and I say "Swag" for almost anything. The reasoning is because one of my brothers friends says it constantly and we say it to mock him.
sector 5 or any sector from 1 up through 69
qorqeous bby bby call da police inbetween two cocks
[QUOTE=Ast_risk;35907695]YOLO[/QUOTE] You Obviously Lack Originality
hey tony -VROOM-
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